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Toys are a great way to help young ones learn numbers and colors while enhancing motor skills. Making toys can be just as enjoyably educational for parents as well! Keep reading »

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Everyone loves toys and even adults reminisce about their favorites when it's time to buy toys for their own children. Some even collect them or make their own based on traditional designs. Of course children enjoys toys for their fun and sometimes challenging and educational value.

Learning About Toys

Toys have changed over time and what's popular decades ago may no longer be in play currently. Others are considered timeless classics and are still gifted to children today.

The History of Toys

Toys that were popular back in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and the 1980s are very different from the types of toys children play with today. Still, some toys like Barbie dolls, Mr. Potato Head, the Slinky and Legos are still very popular. Compare them to the most popular toys today and while you'll see lots of differences, there are similarities in how they promote fun, problem solving, and creativity such as K'Nex and new types of Lego kits.

Movie and TV Toys

Another type of toy that's popular with kids are toys based on their favorite movies and cartoons. Toys based on the world of Walt Disney or films such as Star Wars and Toy Story are favorites. Some of these are even collectibles cherished by adults. There are even children's toys based on classic monsters or current day monsters as well.

Toys for Every Age Group

Of course children who are older will not be as engaged by toys made for infants or for young toddlers. Toys for preschool children often focus on learning and introducing them to concepts like words, numbers and good sportsmanship. Toys for older children may focus on creativity and building, as well as electronics and robotics.

Outdoor and Sporting Toys

Some toys are designed for play outside which are excellent for getting kids to get more physical activity. Toys such as pool diving toys help teach swimming skills while younger children can enjoy toys meant for safer wading pools. There are toys meant for all seasons as children love sledding in snow in the winter while playing with toys on the beach in the summer months.

Everyone Loves Toys

Whether it's classic Fisher Price toys for young children or setting up elaborate Hot Wheels tracks, there's a toy to meet the interests of every child. Toys can stimulate learning, encourage creative outlets or are just plain fun! The key is to find what your child enjoys the most and use them as opportunities for physical and mental enrichment.

Children's Toys