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Blast from the past
Blast from the past

What would you like to know about toys? Are you interested in the origin of your favorites? Would you like to read more about the creators behind the plastic faces and figures? Perhaps you would like to learn the top selling toys of all time. Whatever your interest, there are many informative articles about toys that can help you expand your knowledge of all things playful.

Learning About Toys

Here, you'll learn about the history of some of your favorites as well as the creativity behind these fun and innovative inventions.


Looking at the history of toys can give you insight into the overall history of a society. From the materials used to construct playthings to the kinds of toys children enjoy, these details provide a window on a culture. The toys of a particular time, such as the toys kids played with in the 70s, are a time capsule of life during these decades. However, you might be surprised to learn how many toys from years past remain popular today.


In learning about toys, you also learn about invention and entrepreneurship. Many favorites began with little more than a creative new way of looking at things. Who would have thought to use a potato as a plaything? However, in 1949, George Lerner created interchangeable plastic features that could be stuck in fruits and vegetables and Mr. Potato Head was born. What new ideas are still to come?

From the favorites of a bygone era to the top ten toys of this year, reading about toys always gives you something new to explore.

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