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Kid playing with wooden blocks

More than just a piece of shrapnel that can easily injure your foot, building toys are a great way to spark kids' imagination. This can lead to hours of creativity and inspire that budding architect or engineer. Learn about the different types of building toys available for your little.

Building Blocks

Give a child a set of blocks and you'll be amazed at the things he or she will create. In wood or plastic, unfinished or in a rainbow of colors, building blocks can become a magical castle or a modern skyscraper. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what they're making; the goal is to create the best pattern or the tallest tower. There are few toys with the versatility and replay value of blocks.

Simplex Building Toys

While Lincoln Logs might be enough for your toddler, your advanced elementary ager is going to want more of a challenge. In addition to the ever popular Lego building bricks, you can find unusual building toys like Zoob plastic building toys or magnetic builders like Magformers. For your more advanced thinker, you might check out Imaginext toys to really get those creative juices flowing.

Lego Builders

Legos are a staple of any household. These top building toys are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. In addition to coming in several characters like SpongeBob Legos and Lego Friends, there are surprisingly awesome creations you can make when you go off grid from the instructions. These top selling toys also come with accessories like a Lego play table to build an entire town. And these versatile builders are great for creating stop-motion animation.

Advanced Toys for Building

When Legos aren't enough, you can really take building toys to the next level. Builders, like Erector sets, allow you to build toys that move. These can give adults and kids hours and even days of fun. While there are specific instructions for creations like the KNEX Catapult, going rogue and seeing where your imagination takes you is a learning adventure.

Finding Instructions

Did you lose your instructions? Are you wondering how to make or build toys? Googling can lead you down a rabbit hole and take up hours of your time before you find exactly what you are looking for. Instead, check out instructions for how to make wooden toys or even find different Bionicle building instructions. And if you are looking for KNEX, you're covered there too.

Get Building

Whether kids reach for wooden blocks or an Erector set, building toys are a childhood staple that can develop motor skills and inspire imaginative thinking. Perfect for girls and boys of all ages, these timeless classics are as fun today as they were decades ago.

Building Toys for Kids