Article Highlight: Where to Buy Range Rover Toys and Models

Range Rovers, a Land Rovers model manufactured in Britain shortly after WWII, are now produced by India's Tata Motors. What this means to toy collectors or casual buyers is a wide selection of models in options… Keep reading »

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Have fun with toy vehicles.
Have fun with toy vehicles.

Toy vehicles include everything from tiny cars that can fit in the palm of your hand to battery-powered ride ons ready for countless backyard adventures.

Toy Vehicles

Whether a child prefers to race sleek convertibles or send fire trucks and police cars in to save the day, toy vehicles have wide appeal. Kids can pretend to be their favorite racecar driver when they play with an official replica of his car. There are toys based on famous movie vehicles like the Batmobile. Even simple wooden toy trucks can provide hours of fun.

Cars, trucks and other vehicles are also common accessories for popular toy lines. While the Bratz dolls head off to the prom in a limo, G.I. Joe and his friends can ride in a tank or other military set-up.

Don't forget the fun extras, including complicated track set-ups, printed mats with roads and racetracks, and even tiny carwashes to keep vehicles in road-ready shape. There's always a new car or accessory to enjoy.

Ride On Vehicles

Although toy cars are fun for imaginative play, ride on vehicles are a great fit for active kids who want to explore the outdoors. Why walk when you can ride? Power Wheels let kids travel around the yard in style in a battery-powered vehicle. A Hot Wheels Big Wheel requires kids to put forth more effort in the form of pedal power, but it is no less fun. There are toys that look just like mom and dad's car, truck or Jeep, toys that mimic their favorite service vehicles, such as construction equipment, and eye-catching, brightly-colored ride on playthings.

Toy vehicles are perennial favorites that are sure to lead to many happy childhood memories.