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Cheap dollhouse furniture is helpful for families on a budget, and yet still want to participate in a fun hobby. From buying online to making your own, there are plenty of options when it's time to shop.

Affording the Dollhouse

Perhaps you have fond memories of building a dollhouse with your mother when you were a child, and now you wish to pass on the same tradition to your own daughter or granddaughter. Maybe you are just looking for a new hobby to pass some time. Whatever the reason, you may be surprised to realize just how expensive dollhouse upkeep can be. Purchasing a completed dollhouse made out of traditional, durable materials can be quite pricey, and building your own out of a kit can also be expensive. Once you have the house, all of those tiny accessories really start to add up, which is where the cheap dollhouse furniture comes in. From living room couches to vanity sets, almost anything and everything is sold in miniature form at a price you can likely afford.

Where to Find Cheap Dollhouse Furniture

With a craft as niche and specialized as dollhouse collecting, your best bet will be the Internet when it comes to cheap dollhouse furniture. However, it can be tough to navigate through so many Google search results. Here are some of the best dollhouse furniture destinations on the web.

Dollhouse Miniature Club

The Dollhouse Minature Club provides tips and tricks for dollhouse enthusiasts in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Recommending eBay as a prime route toward cheap furniture pieces, they link recent auctions for each international region to make your hunt simple and enjoyable.

Finally, Mini Shop is a good place to spend some time online. You can purchase dollhouse furniture based upon room and color - ranging from special youth bedrooms to garden and patio supplies. You'll adore the selection, and will want to visit often to see what has come into stock.

Physical Stores

There may be an undiscovered shop in your own home town that sells dollhouse furniture. Start with your local yellow pages and call around to hobby shops. Chances are they either supply dollhouse furniture or can recommend someone within driving distance who can.

Festivals and special conventions are also a great place to find cheap dollhouse furniture. You can sometimes swap or sell what you already have for something you need, and glean ideas on how to stretch a dollar from other dollhouse lovers. You may be able to find an event near you by visiting the Dollhouse & Miniatures Show and Events Calendar.

Making Your Own

If there comes a time you simply cannot afford to buy the adorable furniture sold in deliberately tiny sizes, there is still hope. It is not difficult to make your own dollhouse furniture, and it only requires a bit of creativity. Almost anything in your home can be converted into something for your dollhouse - matchboxes, bottle caps, and toilet paper rolls are just a few items you can use for inspiration. Gather knick knacks from around the house on a rainy afternoon, supply some basic paint and art supplies, and let your children's imaginations soar as they come up with innovative ways to transform the every day items into extraordinary dollhouse additions.

Need some inspiration? Check out specialty blogs such as The Homemade Doll House for some guidance and ideas.

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Cheap Dollhouse Furniture