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Fisher Price Incrediblock

incrediblock by fisher price
Incrediblock is available at Amazon.

The Fisher Price Incrediblock is a high-tech learning toy for babies nine months to about two years old. It has the ability to occupy your baby almost endlessly.

The Fisher Price Incrediblock Is Unique

The Incrediblock is a large cube with five interactive sides. The block is 16 inches x 16 inches and stands about 15 inches high, just the right height for children to pull up on when they are learning to stand. Each side has a different interactive activity for your child to explore and learn.

  • The top is the Spin and Learn center. You child will have hours of fun placing the eight blocks (included) in the center to hear words, sounds, and songs. There are also other activities on the top.
  • Side two is the Plug and Play side with bright patterns, images, and a mirror. Your baby will be able to explore his world while stimulating his visual development.
  • Side three is the Drop and Tumble side. Here baby will love dropping blocks down the Incrediblock and watching the results of her actions. Each block will cause a different response in the Incrediblock, including lights to exciting sounds.
  • Side four is the storage area where you can keep the blocks that come with the Incrediblock as well as any that you add to the toy. It has space for a total of 33 blocks. Your baby will enjoy dropping them through the holes and sorting them.
  • The fifth side is the Stack and Spill side. Here baby will develop fine motor skills by grasping and stacking the blocks. Once she has them stacked, she can use a lever to release them.

Included in the Set

When you open the Incrediblock box you will find the following:

  • Fisher Price Incrediblock
  • Eight clear blocks

You will need to purchase three C batteries to make the toy work.

How Incrediblock Helps Your Baby Develop

The various activities that the Incrediblock offers encourage your child's development in many ways. Since there are so many activities involved, it will continue to entertain, challenge, and help your child develop a variety of skills as she matures.

  • Motor skills both fine and gross
    • Pulling up
    • Balance
    • Stacking
    • Grasping
  • Senses
    • Textures to explore
    • Clear blocks allow development of depth perception and stimulate your child visually.
  • Cognitive
    • Spatial concepts
    • Problem-solving skills

Consumer Feedback

Consumer feedback is overwhelmingly positive on the Fisher Price Incrediblock. Consumers felt that it was a good value and did what it was expected to do. You can also find consumer reviews at epinions. This popular toy rated high with almost every person that bought it.Most customers felt that the toy was durable and would buy it again. The main complaint seemed to be that it was difficult to get the blocks in correctly so that the sounds would be activated on the top activity.

Where to Find Incrediblock

You can find the Incrediblock at many local toy stores or on the Internet. Be aware that prices can vary greatly online and you should look at several sites before you decide on one.

  • Fisher Price is a good place to start looking at the block. You can purchase it on the site and also read consumer reviews.
  • Amazon has several sellers that offer the block. Prices can vary widely.
  • Walmart has it at a very low price.
  • eBay is another source for the Incrediblock.

You might also want to keep an eye on local resale shops, garage sales, and thrift shops. This is a very durable toy and should last through several children.

This is a great toy to take your child through babyhood to preschool.

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Fisher Price Incrediblock