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Rescue Heroes Billy Blazes
Rescue Heroes are recommended for ages 3-7.

Fisher Price Rescue Heroes is a line of toys that has been available to children since 1999. The line focuses on characters representing people working in jobs where they are involved in emergency situations. The Rescue Heroes line of figurines is supported by an animated television series.

Fisher Price Rescue Heroes Television Show

The Rescue Heroes television show ran for three seasons. It has been broadcast on CBS Kidshow, Kids' WB, Teletoon, and qubo. The characters were also featured in the 2003 film Rescue Heroes: The Movie.

The shows aim to teach children about safety. They get to see the characters performing various rescue functions as part of a team. The Rescue Heroes group is made up of male and female characters, which encourages boys and girls to consider females in non-traditional roles.

The Rescue Heroes Background Story

The Rescue Heroes characters are part of an international organization that works in conjunction with local law enforcement and rescue teams to help people in emergency situations. Each character has his or her own area of expertise. Depending on the situation, the main characters may call on minor ones to assist.

Rescue Heroes are dispatched from a Mountain Action Command Center. The exact location is never revealed, but it appears to be in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States or in Canada. When an emergency occurs, the team assembles quickly and travels to where they are needed.

Main Rescue Heroes Characters

The following is a list of the main Rescue Heroes characters:

  • Billy Blazes - Billy Blazes is the leader of the Rescue Heroes. He was involved in selecting the other team members. Billy is a trained firefighter and was recruited to lead the Rescue Heroes team after he acted quickly to save a group of children who were trapped on a carnival ride that caught fire.
  • Wendy Waters - Not only is Wendy Waters a trained firefighter, but she is Billy's second in command. Warren Waters, who is Wendy's father, appears on the show as the commander of an orbiting space station. Wendy heard about the Rescue Heroes try-outs through her father and was selected to join the team.
  • Richmond Canyon - The character of Richmond Canyon is usually known as "Rocky" Canyon. His area of expertise is as a mountain climber. Rocky is an African-American character and is the youngest member of the team. Story lines involving his character point out how being inexperienced can lead to challenging situations. Rocky is working hard to learn to develop good judgment and apply what he has learned to new situations the team is involved in.
  • Jake Justice - Jake Justice is a police officer. He was recruited to be a member of the Rescue Heroes when he arrested a criminal after a dramatic car chase. The car chase was televised, which brought his work to the attention of the Rescue Heroes team.
  • Ariel Flyer - Ariel Flyer is a pilot and a wildlife specialist. Ariel is also a young member of the Rescue Heroes team. She has worked as a stunt pilot.
  • Jack Hammer - A construction worker from Texas, Jack Hammer is a character who was originally hired to work on the Rescue Heroes' headquarters. During the project, he saved another worker after a crane accident. Jack's actions led to his being invited to join the Rescue Heroes team. Jack's younger sister, Jill, appears on the show as a member of the Texas Fire Brigade.

Animals Featured on the Series

The Rescue Heroes don't do their jobs by themselves. The team has animal helpers who contribute their unique talents to the team's efforts:

  • Buster (German Shepherd)
  • Claude (Cougar)
  • Comet (Monkey)
  • Mako (Shark)
  • Nemo (Dolphin)
  • Radar (Bat)
  • Smokey (Dalmation)
  • Swoops (Bald Eagle)
  • Wind Chill (St. Bernard)

Where to Buy Rescue Heroes

Fisher Price Rescue Heroes action figures are available in several online stores, as well as a number of retail locations. Visit the Fisher-Price web site to find out more.

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