Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse

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The Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse is a top-of-the-line dollhouse exclusively made for ToysRUs.

Pretend Play

Pretend play is an important part of healthy child development. During these young years, children learn the differences between pretend and real. Pretend play allows them to explore these differences in a healthy manner.

Dollhouses are perfect for an afternoon of pretend play. This type of play allows your child to experience being an adult in a safe way. As the dolls interact your child can work through fantasies and fears, creating situations and then resolving them. This dollhouse is large enough that two children can play at the same time without getting in each other's way, increasing the possibilities for imaginative play.

Features of the Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse

This large dollhouse stands a full 46 inches high. It is 33½ inches long and a foot wide, so you will need to have space if you purchase it. It is somewhat larger than the Barbie Dream House. Other features of this unique dollhouse are:

  • Three floors
  • Colorful
  • Four rooms
  • 11 pieces of wood furniture
  • Working elevator
  • Wide windows
  • Balcony
  • Angled roof
  • Weight of 26.5 pounds
  • Expect to spend from one to three hours putting this toy together.

The colors are very cheerful and bright, and the inside walls of the house are painted in bright colors with bold designs. This is sized for a 12 inch fashion doll, such as Barbie.

Pros and Cons of the Glitter Suite Dollhouse

Most consumers had positive things to say about this toy. The biggest complaint seemed to be that it was difficult to put together.

The manufacturer has a suggested age of ten years old and up; however, most of the consumers that reviewed the toy had children much younger. While it is important to pay attention to manufacturer's warnings on toys you should know your child as well. If this is something your 3 year old would play with then use your own discretion in buying it. You can read through hundreds of comments and reviews of the Glitter Suite Dollhouse on Buzzillions.

If you have a child that loves Barbie dolls or Bratz, then this dollhouse may be just the thing to house them. Durable, large, and fun to play with, the Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse will last as long as the desire to play with dolls does.

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Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse