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Finding kid's wooden toys online is easier than ever before thanks to a surge in popularity for all things vintage and environmentally friendly.

The Value in Kid's Wooden Toys

Today most mainstream toys are made out of plastic and other synthetic materials that are cheap and convenient for toy manufacturers. However, with recent lead paint scares and other health concerns, many parents are opting out of the norm and returning to the vintage look and feel of wooden toys. These products seem safer and more valuable.

Wooden toys rarely contain the same toxins that can be found in products that include cheap paints and dangerous dyes. Many of them are also handmade, bypassing the machine-made quality that can cheapen a product's look and functionality. Finally, wooden toys are trusted because they may remind a parent of their own childhood - that special rocking horse, puzzle set or toy log cabin. Whatever it is you played with as a child, it is quite possibly still available in the selection of kid's wooden toys online.

To further reiterate the value of wooden toys, it is important to note that many are much more durable than their plastic counterparts. Toys made out of wood have the potential to become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation in the decades to come.

Where to Find Wooden Toys

Many local toy stores are starting to feature more kid's wooden toys, as the demand for such products goes up. You can find many varieties just at your neighborhood mall, including but not limited to block sets, toy cars and airplanes, puzzles, rocking horses, dollhouses, special boxes and even complete train sets. However, your best bet is to look to see if your local toy shop has a website. This is because ordering wooden toys online often provides you a larger selection and great shipping deals, so you can get a gift in a pinch without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Some toys will be simple, others will play music and put on quite a show - but the important thing is you will be receiving a higher level of quality than ever before.

Shopping for Kid's Wooden Toys Online

Looking online is a great option if you want something specific for a gift or surprise. * specializes in kid's wooden toys, including personalized items and even party favors. Check out their heirloom section, even if it is just to admire the fine craftsmanship. The toys are pricey, but they are unmatchable in quality and imagination.

  • Oompa is another website that features safe toys designed this time specifically for babies and toddlers. Their wooden toy selection is whimsically creative, and everything on their website is environmentally friendly and safe for baby to chew on and sleep with.
  • has a section of eco-friendly toys designed for children in a variety of age ranges. Their selection includes kid's wooden toys that your youngest family member is sure to enjoy.

Simplicity in Fine Form

The simple life is not a bad one, and you can utilize your home computer to get back to basics. Find some wooden crafts for your family to complete together, and your child's wooden toy collection will greatly expand from these lessons printed off of the Internet. A great project for a rainy day or family night, each family member can receive a special job to create the toy either for his or her own enjoyment or to give as a gift. You can also enjoy the peace and quiet rarely found in a home with video games and the TV blaring constantly. Ordering kid's wooden toys online allows you the freedom to bring out playthings that are gentle not only on Mother Nature and baby's health, but to your eardrums and sanity as well.

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Kid's Wooden Toys Online