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The Matchbox Classic Garage playset is a great way to keep those Matchbox cars in top running condition and has been a popular toy for decades.

Playing with the Matchbox Classic Garage Playset

The garage has three levels of play. It is big enough that two children can play with it at the same time.

  • The bottom level holds the elevator entrance. Drive your car onto the elevator and take it up to the third floor to be serviced. The elevator really works.
  • The second level is the parking garage.
  • The third level is the service area where the car can be brought back to running condition with a little help from you.
  • It has a car wash.
  • There is a mechanical gate.
  • Cars can speed down the spiral ramp.

Like all Matchbox cars and sets, the classic garage is a sturdy toy that will provide hours of fun for your child.

Included in the Box

Included in the box are the following items:

  • Tow truck
  • Garage

The manufacturer recommends the Matchbox Classic Garage playset for children from ages three to seven. You should be aware that not all Matchbox cars will fit in or work with this set. Adult assembly is required.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews on this toy are generally four or five stars out of five. The comments made most often are:

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put together
  • Well made
  • Fun

Some of the consumers leaving reviews mentioned that their preschool child had been occupied for hours with the playset. Others praised the high quality of the toy. The negative comments were few; however, there were some. Out of the fifteen comments available at Toys-R-Us, three of them said that the toy was flimsy.

Where to Buy the Classic Garage

You can buy this garage at most toy stores and many websites. Some places to consider are:


Although the Matchbox Classic Garage playset needs only a few toy cars to make it fun, there are other sets and accessories that can add to the excitement and help hold your child's interest:

Pretend play is an important part of growth and development. When children play with toys that mimic real life, it gives them an opportunity to experience and practice for adulthood in a safe way. Toys like the classic garage hold a child's interest because they are always different. The cars and ramps, elevator, and other parts of the garage provide action while the child can exercise his imagination creating a variety of situations. This helps him develop problem solving skills as well. Whether he is playing alone or with another child, the Matchbox Garage Playset can give your child the opportunity to develop:

  • Social skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Cause and effect intellect

Of course, playing is plain fun. Children need a variety of types of toys, active play, and time to play in order to grow and develop. The garage playset may be just the thing to keep your child occupied for hours.

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