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Mike is just one of the many fun characters you can find in novelty Monsters Inc. toys.
Mike is just one of the many fun characters you can find in novelty Monsters Inc. toys.

Monsters Inc. toys have enjoyed popularity since the blockbuster movie of the same name hit theatres in 2001. From stuffed animals to video games, you can find Mike, Sulley and the rest of the adorable Disney/Pixar characters all over your local toy store.

The Disney Phenomenon

If there's one thing Disney's good at, it's marketing. Long before a movie premieres, the merchandise is on the shelves, ready to entice children with the new characters and adventures they're sure to love. So it's no wonder Pixar's movies became so popular and prolific, as they are signed on with Disney for their distribution and promotion. When Monsters Inc. debuted at the beginning of the decade, many families already knew what the characters looked and acted like, which is exactly what Disney aimed to accomplish. By providing plenty of Monsters Inc. toys, they once again launched the "Disney phenomenon", where an upcoming motion picture is so saturated both inside and outside of the industry, that kids already feel connected to the cartoon and flock to the theatres. Monsters Inc. was no exception, as Disney manufactured items that were geared toward both novelty and interaction - introducing children to a mysterious, often comical, world of friendly beasts.

Available Monsters Inc. Toys

Whether you've seen the movie countless times, or have a young child in the family just discovering it for the first time, there are plenty of products to choose from if you're looking for a gift to complement the film itself. Stuffed animals are prevalent, and are available at various locations. Local retailers may carry Monsters Inc. merchandise from time to time, and you can always find it at the Disney Store, Disney Theme parks, and online at popular merchants such as Amazon.

Various video games were also released around the time of the movie, and are still available in many different locations. The Monsters Inc. game was released for personal computers, as well as Playstation 2, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance systems. Again, this game can now be found at various retailers and on Amazon.

As mentioned above, the Disney Store keeps plenty of Monsters Inc. merchandise in stock so you can order a birthday or holiday gift in a jiffy. Current available merchandise will vary depending upon the time of year, but an example list may include:

Recalls and Issues

Like many toy companies, Disney has had to recall items occasionally. In the instance of Monsters Inc.-themed merchandise, they recalled a 12-inch Sulley doll that came with a 6-inch Boo doll. Boo's ponytail holders were known to come off and pose a choking hazard for small children, and while there were no reported incidents of injuries from the public, Disney voluntarily recalled this product before any incidents took place. Random House also recalled a Monsters Inc.-themed board book in 2002, when they realized the securing snap of the book could detach. Again, no injuries occurred prior to the recall, and consumers were urged to cut off the snap and mail it to a designated New York address for a free replacement book that would be safer for young children.

Disney has stayed on top of the game with most if not all of its toy recalls, and parents can rest assured that any Monsters Inc. toy that is purchased is safe and appropriate for their child.

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Monsters Inc. Toys