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Neopet Toys

Like Pokemon, Neopets even have their own video games.
Like Pokemon, Neopets even have their own video games.

Neopet toys are popular with elementary schoolers, tweens, and even adults thanks to their strong online presence for over a decade. From stuffed animals to video games, there are plenty of Neopet products to purchase and enjoy.

What are Neopets?

Neopets is a pet website that was started in November of 1999. Rather than just being an online presence about pets, Neopets ARE the pets - introducing players to a virtual world where they can take care of their pets by feeding, clothing and playing with them using the currency of Neopia, known as Neopoints.

Due to the extreme popularity of the website, Neopets, marketed by Viacom, has a full line-up of stuffed animals, stickers, video games, trading card games, school supplies, and many other products to buy.

Neopets Toys to Choose From

Since there is such a diverse selection of toys to buy, this will cover only a few of the popular Neopets toys available today. New products are rolled out on a regular basis, while some are evolving into collectors' items, such as the Happy Meal toys from McDonalds.

Fast Food Toys

When a toy finds its way into a Happy Meal, it is usually very popular or on its way to great success. The same can be said with Neopets when McDonalds promoted them via their traditional kids meal in 2005. These toys were released internationally, not only in the U.S. but also in the United Kingdom and Australia, to name only a few. Neopets toys then found their way to Burger King for another round of promotion and playtime in 2008.

Video Games and Trading Cards

The video game entitled Neopets Puzzle Adventure was created and sold for the Nintendo DS and Wii in 2008. It is also available for Windows. Based upon a different video game called Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Neopet fans problem solve and progress through levels. There are currently two other video games available based upon the Neopet world.

One of the most popular merchandise items is definitely the trading card game that started in 2003. Based on the original website game, the cards were promoted first through cereal boxes and now continue to be a popular game with tweens and older. They were even nominated for Toy of the Year two separate times, as well as being recognized for other awards and accolades.

Stuffed Animals

With young girls especially, the Neopet plushies are a desirable collectors' item. Sold as three-inch mini plushes, mini plush keychains, and limited edition plushies, almost every Neopet character is available in some stuffed animal form. Available at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, you can also purchase these stuffed characters through multiple websites. Once you have your families of plushies, you can purchase little worlds for them, including the Neopets Mystery Island Playset and Neopets Faerieland. Younger children will spend hours using their imagination fueled by the plots and activities found on the original website.

Consider taking your child shopping with you, or purchasing them a gift card to a store that sells a lot of Neopets items if you are unsure what to buy. However no matter what you choose, your Neopet fan will be happy with whatever toy comes their way. Neopet toys continue to reign in popularity and demand, and with so many affordable options, anyone can become an enthusiast.

Neopet Toys