Old Fashioned Toy Catalog

Enjoy fun traditional toys.
Enjoy fun traditional toys.

Drawing inspiration from an old fashioned toy catalog product line, many manufacturers are getting back to basics with the toys they sell, while many families are embracing classic items over the latest and greatest.

What You'd Find in an Old Fashioned Toy Catalog

If you would like to see an actual old toy catalog, you can hunt around on eBay or call up your favorite toy manufacturer to see if they sell copies of long gone catalog issues. You can also search the Internet for various pictures and item descriptions and attempt to make your own catalog, which could serve well as a rainy day activity with a history lesson to boot. However, since most people are interested in the here and now adventure, many toy companies have begun to bring back these classics in full force so you don't have to admire and wonder - rather you can play and experience.

In an old fashioned catalog, here is what you may find:

  • Toy piano, drums and xylophone
  • Bead counters
  • Jack-in-the-Box
  • Colorforms
  • Wooden cars
  • Binoculars and microscopes
  • Toy kitchens
  • Tin robots
  • Puzzles
  • Rock tumblers
  • Weaving looms
  • Red wagons

The best part is, these are all still available for purchase today thanks to classic toy shops that are using a modern day online presence to provide the best of yesteryear.

Catalogs to Order From

There are many old fashioned toy catalogs to order from, many of which you can select products from without ever leaving your home or office.

Silly Goose Toys is one such example. They carry all sorts of toys from decades past, from the very old fashioned to the new and imaginative with a touch of vintage style, like their root beer making kit. Silly Goose also has reasonable shipping costs, so you can get an old fashioned and unique gift without spending a bundle in transit.

Old Fashioned Value

One of the draws to old fashioned toy catalogs is the fact many of the products found within a store are made out of quality, durable materials. In this day and age where parents are experiencing toxic paint and plastic scares, families are longing to get back to basic, homespun toys made out of safe wood and other long-lasting parts. Wooden Toys has embraced that philosophy and sells quality wood toys that are safe for children and yet still able to provide hours of amusement. Together, you and your children or grandchildren can explore what toys used to be like while enjoying the quality guarantee that accompanies them.

Old fashioned toys often tend to cost less, meaning you can give your child a timeless gift he will love, without spending your entire budget on fancy gadgets and electronic items that always command extra accessories, refills or upgrades.

An Old Fashioned Christmas

When the holiday season is approaching, consider creating your own family catalog. Commit to purchasing only vintage-themed toys so you can challenge yourselves to revisit a simpler time in history. Use old fashioned toy catalogs as your inspiration, and see what you can find for fun gifting. Your children may surprise you and come to embrace this tradition, and you'll love how your gift choices will foster family togetherness with simple activities like puzzles and model trains.

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Old Fashioned Toy Catalog