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Pictures of Toy Story Aliens

Pictures of Toy Story Alien Toys

By perusing these pictures of Toy Story aliens, you will get an idea of just how popular -- and cute -- these Little Green Men (LGM) really are. These aliens, who were rescued by Mr. Potato Head in the second Toy Story movie, are a fixture in all three parts of this Disney-Pixar trilogy.

The LGMs come in a variety of different toys from plush stuffed dolls to action figures to keychains. They are perfect for any Toy Story fan or collector alike.

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Toy Story 3 Figure Collection
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This may look like a toy for kids, but it's actually part of a collection of Toy Story action figures made for adults.

Funko POP Vinyl Alien
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This POP! Alien from the third movie is sure to add a little fun to your collection.

LEGO Toy Story Alien Minifigure
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This alien is perfect for any LEGO lover. It is part of a collection of LEGOs of several of the Toy Story characters.

6-Inch Plush Alien Figure
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Your child will love this larger than life plush stuffed alien.

Alien Slippers
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Keep the LGM near you always with this cute purse.

Alien Keychain
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Use this keychain for your keys or as a backpack accessory! It's cute no matter where you hang it.

Alien Hats
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Connect with your inner geek with these great beanie-style alien hats. If you love to collect toys from popular children's movies, such as these pictures of Toy Story aliens, take a look at these gems from Monsters vs. Aliens.

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Pictures of Toy Story Aliens