Playing with a Pretend Pet Carrier

Pretend Play Pet Carrier
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A pretend play pet carrier can offer hours of pretend fun for your little one.

Pretend Play Pet Carrier Fun

The pretend play pet carrier you buy your child may or may not include a stuffed animal. Even if it does, however, your child will probably use it to carry many of her other favorite animals and/or dolls. Carriers come in a variety of styles, but they all serve the same purpose. They encourage kids to use their imaginations. Common pet carrier styles include the following:

  • Pet cases - These are usually totally enclosed and feature one or two doors on the ends of the carrier that are opened via a zipper. They often resemble a small suitcase because they include one or two handles as well. The sides of these pet carriers may also have mesh openings with Velcro flaps. Materials can include vinyl, leather, or cloth, and designs can run the gamut from leopard skin to sparkly pink pleather. Some of these are collapsible as well.
  • Pet purses - Pet purses really do look like purses, but they are made to carry pets, both real and pretend. These purses usually feature two large straps that can be slung over a shoulder or arm, and they are often roomy enough for your little one's stuffed animal and any accessories as well. Popular styles include quilted versions with peek-a-boo holes.
  • Pet sacks - Designed like a purse, these "sacks" are typically made of cloth. The design can be colorful or plain, and it can feature additional designs and embellishments, including sequins, rhinestones, buttons, and more.

Popular Pet Carriers

The following is a list of popular pretend play pet carriers that can be found online. You can also typically find these toys at stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

Make Your Own Pet Carrier

While you may be able to find a pretend pet carrier for under $15, others cost as much as $30 or more. If you're handy with a sewing machine, why not create your own pet carrier? The cloth variety will be the simplest to make, and you can use one of your own purses for a pattern.

  • Buy your material - Material could include quilted cotton, cotton/polyester blend, corduroy, or any other type. If your sewing machine is capable of handling vinyl or leather, then this is a good option as well. If you are making an open purse design, then you may not need a hook, clasp, or Velcro strap. Otherwise, purchase whichever will work best for your carrier.
  • Cut your material - A simple design involves cutting two pieces for the sides, one for the bottom, and two for the ends of the carrier.
  • Time to sew - Turn rough edges to the inside twice to create smooth edges, then sew the sides to the ends of the carrier first. You're now ready to sew on the bottom of the carrier.
  • Add handles - You can purchase handles that are already made at hobby or fabric stores, or you can make your own. To do so, cut two sections of material long enough to serve as handles. Fold them in half lengthwise, wrong-side out, and sew. Sew one end of each section, but leave the other section open. Turn them right-side out, and stuff with poly-fill, then close the other end. Sew or hot-glue the handles to the carrier.
  • Add pockets - Finally, you can also create small pockets on the inside of the carrier to hold your child's accessories.

Now, you're ready to sit back and watch how happy your little girl or boy will be with his or her new pet carrier!

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Playing with a Pretend Pet Carrier