Pretend Play Vet Kit Options

Kid playing vet with toy

If your child just loves animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday, then surprise him or her with a pretend play vet kit. This type of imaginary play toy allows children to expand their imaginations by pretending to be real animal doctors.

Toy Veterinarian Kit Options

If you are in a bind, a regular doctor's kit will and can do the same thing as a vet kit. Just don't tell your child they are different. However, if you really want a vet kit, there are many different styles available:

  • Veterinarian Lauren with Vet Kit: This kit comes with an eight-inch doll called Veterinarian Lauren who, along with her black medical bag, is ready to take care of your horse. She is part of the Breyer's Stablemates collection. It can be purchased at
  • B Critter Clinic: This cute little set is for children older than two and includes a few very basic veterinarian tools as well as a puppy and kitten. It can be purchased at
  • Marie Vet Cage with Accessories: Perfect for your little cat lover, this pretend play vet kit includes a kitty, a case and several accessories. Perfect to play with at home or on the go, it can be purchased at
  • Doctor Dog Vet Kit: Simba Toys sells this basic medical kit that comes with its own puppy. It is for children ages three and older. The sturdy plastic carrying case doubles as the doctor's bag.
  • Barbie I Can Be a Pet Vet Doll Play Set: Target is just one of the several stores that carry this Barbie vet set for ages three and older. Share your dreams of becoming a veterinarian with Barbie and help her care for her horse and other sick pets.

Playing with a Pretend Play Vet Kit

Just like all role playing toys, a veterinarian's kit doesn't come with specific instructions on how to use it. When your child opens it, he or she will automatically know what to do. Typically for children ages three and older, a vet's kit usually includes at least some of the following toys:

  • Pet carrier (which also doubles as a doctor's bag)
  • Thermometer
  • Dog bone or other pet toy
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Stethoscope
  • Otoscope
  • Shots
  • Syringe
  • Bandages
  • Pet food
  • Water bowl

Your kit may or may not come with a cat, dog or other pet. If it doesn't, your child is free to practice veterinary medicine on any of his or her stuffed animals or dolls. If you have a pet at home already, don't be surprised to see your child trying to take its temperature or give it a shot. This vet kit will be used in one of two ways: as a pretend veterinarian or doctor. If your child has never been in a vet's office, then he or she will use it like a regular doctor would -- although there really isn't much difference considering the instruments that are included.

Dalmatian vet kit

Good Practice for the Wary

This type of medical kit is also good for children who are afraid to go to the doctor. Here, they can play with the tools and use them on a pretend pet to get an idea of how they work and what they do. This type of reinforcement is also good when a child has to help take the family pet to the vet. Your son or daughter can work right alongside of the veterinarian when examining Spot and looking in his ears or listening to his heart.

A Final Note

These are just a few of the many pretend play vet kits on the market. However, as with any toy, make sure your child uses it in the manner it was intended. Be careful that he or she does try too hard to take care of the family pet to the extent where it gets upset. It's best that these toys be used with other toys and not animals or humans.

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Pretend Play Vet Kit Options