Remote Control Pool Toys

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Remote control pool toys are fun for both kids and adults, and the novelty never seems to wear off, as new toys are being released every summer.

The Fun of Remote Control Pool Toys

There is just something more intriguing about a toy with remote control powers, and this continues to be true summer after summer for families all over the nation. Imaginations are stimulated and more time is spent outdoors when there is an exciting toy to play with and happily watch zip across the water.

While RC toys can at times be costly, they are also rather durable, enduring for at least a few pool seasons. From cars to boats, below are some of the pool toys worth checking out during warm weather times.

Remote Control Amphibious ATV

The full name of this impressive RC water vehicle is the Remote Control Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle with Cup Holders and airsoft Function. Sound like a blast? Both the big and little boys in your family will probably agree, as this vehicle not only runs in the pool, but on concrete, snow, ice and dirt as well. Able to do 360-degree spins and shoot airsoft pellets in a way that resembles a military tank, the ATV also includes four cupholders so you can drive beverages back and forth across the pool. As a final addition, it features a laser beam and working lights for nighttime fun. This toy is available at various hobby shops, as well as websites such as Trend Times.

Miniature Remote Control Boat

Also sold through Trend Times is a miniature RC boat that is 1/64 the scale of a standard RC boat. You can choose between a mini yacht or racer. Kids will love these boats in the swimming pool, especially because they are small enough to effectively compete against each other in even a small water space. Best of all, these are usually under $30 in price, so they make an affordable gift for the entire family.

Remote Control Spinner and Squirter

Kids will love this remote control spinner and squirter that has a range of up to 40 feet. Big kids will have fun squirting each other by making this toy sneak up behind a friend in the pool, while younger kids will love racing with other remote control vehicles available through

Pool Toy Safety

While remote control pool toys are fun in the water, safety should always come first. Never leave small children unattended with any pool toy in the water, and ensure there is enough space to properly operate the toy you select. Also be sure to pick a toy that does not contain small pieces if young children will be using it. Regularly check any RC toy for damage and loose sections, and change the batteries regularly so that a young child does not attempt to do so if a toy dies in the water.

Set up rules for pool play, and structure a system to encourage kids to take turns with the remote, so that the summer is safe, free from conflict, and fun for all!

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