Sand and Water Play Table

Sand and water table
Builder's Bay Sand & Water Table

A sand and water play table is a great outdoor amusement for small children during the summer months. Using only a small portion of your yard, kids will spend hours scooping and splashing in the warm weather.

What Is a Sand and Water Play Table?

A sand and water play table is an outdoor activity station designed for preschoolers and young elementary age children. The table holds both sand and water, so kids can create miniature sand castles, mud pies, or whatever else they can dream up. Many come with a shading umbrella or other accessories to make it more comfortable in the sun and able to accommodate multiple children at the same time.

Where to Buy

These activity tables are available from a variety of manufacturers in various stores. Whether you choose to shop online or at your local toy store, you're sure to find a table that will work for your little one once spring merchandise hits store shelves and websites.

Recommended Products

Since there are so many different versions of this activity table, here are a few you can try out and rest assured that the quality is high and the product is safe for your little one's playtime fun.

Naturally Playful® Sand & Water Activity Center

The company Step2 has been making children's toys and safety products for years, and offer two-sided table with separate sides for water and sand. With a plastic cover to protect it from the elements when not in use, it also includes a removable umbrella.

For even smaller children, the WaterWheel Play Table is ideal. Pour water through the funnel and activate the wheel to cause the water to run through different compartments. Play with miniature sailboats and scoop water into the included cup to practice fine motor skills and enjoy entertainment for hours.

Sandy Lagoon Water Park

Sandy Lagoon Water Park from Little Tikes is affordable and made out of durable plastic to last summer after summer. It comes with a cup, a shovel, a rake and two characters, that kids can use with the interactive design. It holds up to 50 pounds of sand and four gallons of water.

Kaplan Sand and Water Table

A step above the simpler tables available, this version manufactured by Kaplan features an adjustable stand that lifts up to 31 and a half inches. Made out of clear plastic so children can see from all angles, the table features a multi-layer design that allows youngsters to experience various water depths and explore in more creative and inquisitive ways.

Upkeep and Safety

The majority of these tables are made out of plastic, meaning they will eventually incur wear and tear from being outdoors. To protect your table and ensure longevity, try to keep it out of direct sunlight when not being used.

If your selected table comes with a plastic cover or any other kind of sealant, use it regularly to protect the table from the elements. Always pour water out of the table when not in use, as this will give the plastic a chance to breathe and not grow mold or mildew.

When playing with the table, always make sure children are supervised. Small children can drown in only a few inches of water, and they should never be permitted to play alone, even with an older sibling present. Regularly check the table for any sharp corners or loose pieces, and do not dress your child in clothing that can get caught and/or tear on the table.

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Sand and Water Play Table