SpongeBob Legos

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SpongeBob Legos are a perfect combination between one of the top selling toys and one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.

Who Is SpongeBob

SpongeBob Squarepants is an Emmy Award-winning cartoon that was released in 1999. The animated show, created by Stephen Hillenburg, is about a super absorbent square-shaped sea sponge who works as a cook in a fast food restaurant, the Krusty Krab. The square hero lives in a pineapple under the sea in a region known as Bikini Bottom.

Other characters in this place of silly imagination include:

  • Patrick, a loveable, slow-witted starfish
  • Mr. Krabs, the miserly owner of the Krusty Krab
  • Squidward, a cantankerous coworker and octopus sporting only six legs
  • Sandy Cheeks, a country squirrel who spends much of her time underwater
  • Gary, SpongeBob's beloved pet snail
  • Plankton, the diabolically tiny owner of the Chum Bucket, the rival of the Krusty Krab

These characters join with others in the series to entertain children of all ages. They are also found in many of the Lego sets created just for fans of the show.

SpongeBob Legos

SpongeBob Lego sets come in a generous variety from the popular manufacturer. Children have the benefit of imaginative play with their favorite sea sponge as well as the classically entertaining building set. Many excellent choices are available for children to enjoy.

The Krusty Krab

The LEGO SpongeBob The Krusty Krab set is a great choice for kids who want to recreate the famous fast food restaurant featured in the cartoon. This set includes detailed instructions that are simple to follow. The toy has the following features:

  • Building pieces
  • Cash register
  • Grill
  • Figures
    • Squidward
    • SpongeBob
    • Mr. Krabs
    • Plankton

Adventures at Bikini Bottom

The Adventures at Bikini Bottom SpongeBob Legos set is a great selection that offers everything a child needs to create the Bikini Bottom scene. The 579-piece set includes:

  • Neighborhood building set
    • Pineapple house
    • Patrick's humble rock home
    • Squidward's Tiki house
  • Figures
    • SpongeBob
    • Patrick
    • Gary
    • Jellyfish
  • Patrick's motorboat with pullback motor

Lego SpongeBob Chum Bucket

The Lego SpongeBob Chum Bucket is a great addition to a child's SpongeBob Legos toy collection. The 337-piece set includes:

  • Plankton's secret lab and restaurant
  • Figures
    • SpongeBob
    • Robot SpongeBob
    • Plankton
    • Robot customer
    • Burger Walker

Bikini Bottom Express

The Bikini Bottom Express is a tribute to the main mode of transportation. The bus features a lift-off top for quick access to its playful interior. The 210 pieces in this set include:

  • Figures
    • Patrick
    • SpongeBob
    • Bus driver

Mrs. Puff's Boating School

Mrs. Puff's Boating School is a great Lego set that contains 393 pieces that include everything a child needs to recreate the boating school.

  • Figures
    • SpongeBob
    • Mrs. Puff
  • Lighthouse
  • Classroom
  • Crashing wall
  • Boat with pullback motor
  • Driving course

SpongeBob SquarePants Rocket Ride

Take SpongeBob and his chums to new heights with the Rocket Ride set from Lego. This toy contains 279 pieces that include:

  • Figures
    • Sandy Cheeks
    • SpongeBob suited for space travel
    • Patrick
  • Moon Buggy
  • Nets to catch alien jellyfish
  • Loading bridge
  • Detailed rocket that opens

Limited Edition SpongeBob Lego Set

SpongeBob's Limited Edition Lego set is a great piece for a child's collection. The set contains 236 pieces that include:

  • Figures
    • SpongeBob
    • Patrick
    • Fish doctor
  • Ambulance boat
  • Emergency room equipment

Build a SpongeBob

Perhaps the ultimate SpongeBob Legos set is the Build-A-Bob set. This toy features everything necessary to build a SpongeBob that stands roughly 12 inches high. The 445-piece set includes:

  • Lots of Legos to build a SpongeBob
  • Figures
    • SpongeBob
    • Plankton
  • Accessories
  • Plastic bubbles that shoot out of the toy's mouth

Imaginative Play and Fine Motor Skills

The SpongeBob Legos sets are ideal for promoting imaginative play as the child also builds fine motor skills. The building sets are naturally conducive to learning since children have to follow directions while they put the toys together. In addition, they have the opportunity to make imaginative changes to each set.Fine motor skills often involve using small parts, and these toys do have many tiny pieces. The manufacturer notes that there are significant choking hazards with each of the sets. The sets are not suitable for children younger than three years.

SpongeBob Legos are great toys for kids who love building and who love the adorable sea sponge and his adventures. Many options are available for children to enjoy, and these sets are certain to be as loved as the most popular toys.

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