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Stomp Rockets have been a popular toy with children for generations, but became an official item in the 1990s. Today's kids continue to be infatuated with these toy rockets that shoot into the air with a single foot stamp.

What Are Stomp Rockets?

Stomp rockets are toy rockets that receive their launching power off of compressed air. The D & L Company patented the term "stomp rocket" in the 1990s, and now this trademarked toy has been copied by many leading toy companies. However, the original still leads the way, shooting far ahead of the competition.

The rocket is attached to an air bag, and when it is stomped on, air shoots through the tube and into the rocket, which causes it to fly into the sky. Small rockets travel about 100 feet into the air, and the larger ones travel about 200 feet.

The Official Company

D & L, a company owned and operated in Porterville, CA in the San Joaquin Valley, is responsible for the majority of manufactured rockets. They have won awards throughout the years for their quality rockets, including the Top Toy of the Year award from Creative Child Magazine.


There are many different types of stomp rockets available for purchase today, featuring items for a wide age range.

Super High Performance

The super high performance rocket goes above and beyond the typical height of rockets. This particular product actually goes up approximately 400 feet in the air and includes six different rockets and a launch pad. Since this particular rocket has so much power in each stomp, it is recommended for ages 16 and over.


The Ultra is for younger children, designed for kids aged 8 and older. Stomping on the launch pad blasts the rocket up 200 feet. Four rockets and a launch pad come with this set.


The Junior shoots the rocket 100 feet up, making this mini rocket kit designed for children aged 3 and older. Little rocketeers will love the fact the rockets in this set glow in the dark for nighttime fun.


Rockets can be really fun to stomp and admire as they fly through the air. With D & L's large selection, you can purchase them for literally every family member. During the summer months, when everyone wants to spend time outdoors, rockets are extra fun - especially on holidays like the 4th of July.

However, when using stomp rockets, it is essential to practice certain safety standards. Be sure everyone is a safe distance from the launching pad before anyone stomps. Being too close to the launch pad can cause serious injury due to the force that is pushed through the rocket by the air. Leaning over the launch pad or standing too close can cause blows to the head or eye injuries.

The littlest of launchers should not play with stomp rockets without adults present. Always supervise children during launch, and assist them in set up and tear down. For kids who are not physically mature enough to stomp, you can purchase an alternate product such as the squeeze rocket, which involves the use of a simple, small bulb, and can be launched inside and out since they only travel approximately 30 feet. These are also a great choice for birthday parties and other get togethers with small children.

How to Order

You can order rockets online through D & L's official website. While visiting, be sure to read the customer testimonials and articles featuring praise and reviews of the various rocket products.

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