Stuffed Parrot Animal Toy Options


A stuffed parrot animal toy is a great item for kids who love the colorful birds. A variety of options is available, each with its own personality and charm.

Stuffed Parrot Animal Toy

A parrot stuffed animal is a nice toy for any child who would like to adopt a bird but isn't old enough to care for the real thing. Kids who love pirate tales of adventure may want to add this feathery pirate companion to their collection of toys for pretend play. Some may simply love birds. Whatever the reason, finding the perfect stuffed parrot animal toy involves narrowing down your search.

Realistic Stuffed Toys

Some stuffed parrots are very realistic, making them excellent educational toys for kids. The realistic stuffed birds may be made of real feathers, but some plush toys are very lifelike, too. Some versions sit on swings, allowing for easy display. While the realistic versions are fascinating to look at, they may not offer much in terms of play.

Realistic stuffed parrots are available through a number of stores.

  • This Place Is a Zoo has a realistic bird displayed on a swing. The bird is about 15 inches in height, and it is covered in real feathers for a remarkably real look.
  • Among the most realistic is the Hasbro FurReal Squawkers, a remarkable toy that boasts mechanical features, allowing it to move and talk, just like the real thing.

Pretend Play Parrots

Some parrots offer great opportunities for imaginative play. While not as realistic looking as their counterparts, many share the same details and features as the more lifelike ones have. Choices include but are not limited to:

  • Tapir and Friends Animal Store has four plush parrots that stand about six inches tall. The birds have intricate detail in the face and on the wings, giving them a believable look. The long tail feathers sit behind the birds as they rest on a flat surface. The stuffed animals are available in four different color combinations:
    • Red wings and yellow body
    • Blue wings and green body
    • Yellow wings and blue body
    • Green wings and red body
  • Parrots make great companions for any pirate. Some of the stuffed toys for pretend play include pirate parrots.
    • Some pirate versions are hollow, with lightweight plastic bodies covered in multi-colored feathers. They often come with straps to allow the child to put the bird on his shoulder, as the classic pirate captain does.
    • Some of the stuffed plush parrots are soft and come in costume with pirate hats on their heads.
  • The Twetums Parrot by Gund is made of soft materials and its personality shows through its adorable face as well as the whimsical posturing of its wings and feet. This colorful stuffed animal is available at Amazon.
FurReal Friends Squawkers Parrot Toy

Make Your Own Parrot

Amazon also features Crackers Parrot, a make-your-own stuffed animal parrot toy. The bird is 15 inches in height and it has imaginative features including:

  • Plush "skin"
  • Filling
  • A "wishing star insert" that goes into the bird's stuffing
  • A birth certificate for personalization

Talking Parrots

A stuffed parrot toy may include mechanical features that allow it to move and to talk. Among the choices are toys that repeat what you say in their own voices, a feature that goes beyond simple recording and playback often found in similar toys. Those who love the pirate theme along with the talking features may enjoy a talking parrot toy, but it is important to read the label; some of the parrots are not for kids.

Parrots are beautiful creatures that offer charm and character in their mimicking voices. A stuffed parrot animal toy is a great addition to a child's collection of toys. The one you choose depends on the child's personality and interest.

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Stuffed Parrot Animal Toy Options