Toy Cash Registers

toy cash register

Children who love to play store or restaurant will enjoy pretend play with any of the realistic toy cash registers available today. Many of them, even those designed for your youngest children, contain scanners to allow children to ring up items all over the house, and play money to make their purchases. As they play, children build their counting skills and other basic math skills.

Toy Cash Registers for Young Kids

Young children may not be ready to add dollars and cents or ring up large purchases, but they can still play store. These cash registers feature bright colors and simple numbers designed to help children pretend to be a cashier and learn basic counting skills.

Little Tikes Count n Play Cash Register

Designed for toddlers, the Little Tikes Count n Play Cash Register comes with colorful coins and two plastic credit cards. Children can sort the coins by color as they drop them into the cash register. Sliding the credit card causes the coins to drop into the register drawer. At less than $20 it is an inexpensive option for creative play.

Learning Journey Shop and Learn Cash Register

A colorful toy, the Learning Journey Shop and Learn Cash Register will entertain kids. It features a funny face and big buttons for kids to push. As children ring up items, the cash register talks to them. It has three modes of play to help kids with counting.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magic Scan Market

Designed for children as young as six months, the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magic Scan Market gives even your youngest shoppers practice running the register. The scanner lights up as children pass each of the five food items over it. It also has multiple modes to help learn about shapes, colors, food and numbers.

Cash Registers for Girls

Girls can shop with their favorite characters. These cash registers come in the trademark pink or purple and are designed to appeal to young girls. However, boys who love to shop may enjoy playing with them too.

Disney Princess Cash Register

Girls three and up with a love for Disney Princesses will have fun with the Disney Princess Cash Register. It comes with princess cash, a handheld scanner and items such as lipstick for pretend princesses to buy. Girls will also love the pictures of Disney Princesses that adorn the cash register and accessories.

Barbie Shopping Spree Cash Register

Barbie's Shopping Spree Cash Register comes with cash, credit cards and a microphone for asking for a price check. Girls can also use the open/closed signs to let their friends know when they are open for business or mark items for sale with the special signs proclaiming "new" or "great." The register is ideal for preschoolers and those in early elementary school.

Dora the Explorer Cash Register

The Dora the Explorer Cash Register makes realistic sounds and is pre-programmed with over 150 different phrases for girls to listen to as they shop. It also comes with Dora-adorned cash, sales tags and credit cards. As purchases are rung up they are displayed on the electronic screen.

General Toy Cash Registers

A basic cash register is all children need to play store or restaurant. Many are also designed to teach children math skills by featuring working calculators or helping them figure out how much change to give after a purchase.

Learning Resources Supermarket Checkout

The Learning Resources Supermarket Checkout is a miniature version of what children will find in a grocery store. It features a working conveyor belt, scanner and produce scale. Children can also use the food that comes with the register to make purchases with the accompanying credit cards and play money.

Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Children can add real money to the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register. This cash register also includes a scanner that makes sounds, a scale and slot for coins. It talks to children and helps them build their addition and subtraction skills as they play.

Zillionz Talking Cash Register

The Zillionz Talking Cash Register works almost exactly like the real thing. Included with the cash register are barcodes so children can tag and ring up products in their home and a microphone so they can call for a price check. While it comes with play money, it can also hold real money.

Playing with Toy Registers

Many children love playing store, whether they do the buying or selling. They can collect various objects or toys from around the home and pretend to buy or sell them. Be prepared for every item in your house to suddenly be on sale! Children will not realize they are learning to count and beginning to understand the value of objects as they practice ringing up purchases.

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