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Having a toy laser gun can unlock the imagination of a child in a whole new way. A perfect pretend play item for those with active bodies that need amusement, this timeless toy is a worthy investment for anyone looking for a way to burn off a child's energy in a healthy and safe way. Even better, these guns are available in virtually any store that carries toys and will not cost you a fortune.

The Fun of a Toy Laser Gun

A toy laser gun can bring hours of amusement to a child, as do many toys that require role playing and a certain level of imagination compared to more recent entertainment options such as video games which dictate everything before you. Having a laser gun has long been a staple plaything for little boys, and young girls will also love partaking in "battles" throughout the house and on the playground.

Today's guns not only shoot a laser beam that is thrilling to any youngster, but most now also include sounds and other effects that add to play time. Manufactured by many different toy companies including the well-known and trusted Hasbro Corporation, these guns can be played with only two children involved, all the way up to an entire birthday party. Many of the movies children watch today may influence the way they play and pretend with their laser guns, while others will prefer more active and simple games of tag and chasing each other around on a summer day. Whatever the inspiration, having a laser gun around can help kids find amusement, get them away from the television, and be active outdoors.

Take Laser Tag Home

Throughout the nation, laser tag centers have cropped up, uniting kids and parents on a battlefield full of laser beams and "treacherous" terrain - usually covered in foam padding. For those with children who really get a kick out of visiting indoor laser tag arenas but don't have generous entertainment budgets, you can purchase a LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System. While it's definitely an investment up front, the cost will pay off as your kids are able to enjoy laser tag at home whenever they wish.

In fact, the whole family can commit to becoming more active and spending more time together when you jump into a laser tag game. The set comes with only two guns, but additional taggers are available for purchase, or else you can hold rotating two-person battles when everyone wants to play. The guns include customizable firing power and also allow for a single-player mode for kids who want to train themselves to be amazing opponents before heading out onto the home playing field. This game is best played in a dark house, with any breakables cleared away.

Airsoft Meets Laser Beams

With the Laser Airzooka 2959 Air Gun, you can unleash a full-out air assault from the backyard lawn. A ball of air shoots out of this toy gun at up to 50 feet of distance after a red laser dot focuses upon your target. Mess up your sibling's hair, blast homework off of a table, or just simply startle a family member or friend while they're focused on something a bit more important than an airsoft game. Best of all, since it blasts only air, there is no clean up and it is easily operated by younger children.

Laser Gun Safety

Whether you opt to buy one of these creative versions or settle for just a regular, more traditional gun, you will love the hours of entertainment it provides. However, be sure to play in an open space where things cannot get knocked down or damaged. Small children should be dressed safely, including shoes to prevent stubbed toes. Playing in the dark yields the best light effects, but adults should always chaperone little ones during game play.

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Toy Laser Gun