Toy Light Sabers


A light saber will grab any child's attention with its powerful humming and attractive light. When you're young (and even when you're not), a light saber is one of the ultimate tools of make believe. Whether they choose to use it for good or evil, you're bound to experience plenty of activity as your little ones run around the house defeating the enemy.

Toy Light Saber Options

Light Saber Wall Sconce

A light saber and a decoration, the Light Saber Wall Sconce is the perfect addition to your home. The light saber hangs on the wall when not in use. Once activated, it goes through a sequence of eight LED colors. To conserve battery power, the light saber shuts off after 15 minutes. Be sure to buy two so you are ready when friends want to duel. It is recommended for ages six and up.

Mini Light Saber Tech Lab

Thanks to the Mini Light Saber Tech Lab, both kids and adults can now design their own miniature light saber. Each set comes with four colored crystals that provide different light effects, along with two additional lenses for more optical fun. It is meant to be used with children ages six and up and also comes with a learning guide so you can squeeze in a science lesson.

Star Wars Force FX Light Sabers

Obi Wan Kenobi FX Lightsaber w/Removable Blade
Obi Wan Kenobi FX Lightsaber

At the high end of light sabers are the Star Wars Force FX Light Sabers. These high-quality light sabers feature removable blades so they can easily be added to your belt and then quickly assembled when needed. Six different light sabers are available to represent popular Star Wars characters and they also make realistic sounds, just like in the movie. While high quality and entertaining, at over $100, these light sabers may be better suited for fans ages 12 and up.

General Grievous Spinning Electronic Light Saber

The General Grievous Electronic Light Saber is a double-bladed light saber designed for the ultimate duel. Kids ages six and up can role play as the powerful cyborg by the same name, spinning two light sabers in one hand at the same time. You can also take them apart to use them separately.

Electronic Sith Dual Action Light Saber

Another dual action saber is the Electronic Sith Dual Action Light Saber, also designed for kids ages six and up. This starts out looking like an ordinary light saber, but actually includes a second smaller saber hidden away so a Jedi is able to battle with them separately or by combining them for double-bladed action.

Star Wars Chop Sabers

Have fun while eating Chinese or Japanese food with the Star Wars Chop Sabers. These chopsticks come in six different colors. While designed for eating, they can also be used for mini battles at the dinner table or for making sure you have a light saber on hand at all times. While designed for children ages five and up, their size and pointed ends may make them better suited for older children and adults.

Light Saber Safety

When it comes to toy versions of anything, safety should always come first. All battles are best fought outdoors, or at least in a room with adequate space, free of family heirlooms. Remind your child and Jedi visitors to take caution when playing, and to consider the real life consequences of whacking someone too hard in the head with a piece of intergalactic plastic.

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Toy Light Sabers