Who Invented Legos

History of Legos
History of Legos

One day a child may ask you who invented LEGOs, and now you can be equipped to answer, thanks to the information found below on Mr. Ole Kirk Christiansen, also known as the forefather of LEGOs.

Who Invented LEGOs?

LEGOs are quite possibly one of the most popular and best-selling toys on the planet. From the classic colored bricks that form houses and shops, to the preschool-friendly Duplo and preteen- intriguing Bionicles, LEGOs continue to impress and amuse new generations of children. However, how exactly did they get their start? In other words, who invented LEGOs?

The answer is found in a man named Ole Kirk Christiansen, who invented today's recognizable LEGO brick in the late 1940s.

About Ole Kirk Christiansen

Beginning his carpentry career in 1916, Christiansen built houses and furniture for local farmers. Hailing from Denmark, his business was based there. In the 1930s, he decided to branch out and make toys out of wood for the local children, and these included pull toys and piggy banks. He found he had such a passion and joy in his heart for children's items that he left carpentry and went into the toy business full time. At the time, Denmark was experiencing a depression, and while furniture sales were suffering, the toy market was far from declining.

He selected the name LEGO out of two Danish words that mean "to play well", and the popularity of his new toy was soon found all over Denmark. He created the first plastic bricks in 1946 and labeled them "automatic binding bricks". Originally manufactured in only red and white plastic, the first LEGO set hit toy store shelves in 1955 and was called "Town Plan". It doubled as a creative way to teach children the importance of neighborhood and traffic safety, and the kids bought into the concept. Learning and playing came hand in hand as LEGO sets flew off of shelves. Christiansen continued to come up with new sets of LEGOs that would remain consistent in teaching children important life lessons. This passion and love for children lasted until he passed away. The company is now run by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, who is the grandson of the great LEGO founder.

LEGOs Today

In asking who invents new LEGOs today, the answer is found in large teams of manufacturers, designers, conceptualists and marketing professionals who study what kids want and are interested in, thus working those discoveries into the world of LEGO.

Today LEGOs are available in over 3,000 varieties of pieces, and come in 75 different colors. This is a far cry from the original red and white basic brick set, and exemplifies the LEGO company's continued desire to improve, invent and innovate.

Today over 400 million kids, teens and adults have enjoyed LEGOs, and over 400 billion bricks have been produced over the company's many decades in business. The soaring popularity continues today as new generations discover these adorable and innovative little bricks that open up a whole new world of imagination. You can visit LEGO's official site for more information.

For Adults

Another version of LEGOs has been invented in recent years. It's known as LEGO SeriousPlay and is designed to help professional adults problem solve and experience improvements in business performance. Now not only children are invited into the world of LEGOs, as the company continues to find new ways to invent and explore every aspect of life with their creative brick building.

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Who Invented Legos