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SMB Laser Bubble Blaster Toy
SMB Premium Plus Laser Bubble Blaster

Bubble toys are a fun and affordable option for kids of all ages. Since bubbles can be played with outdoors in most weather conditions or indoors at bath time, it is also a versatile toy. The Imperial Toy Corporation offers a number of bubble toys through their Super Miracle Bubbles (SMB) line. LoveToKnow (LTK) received free review copies of SMB Premium Plus bubbles 4-pack, SMB Premium Plus Laser Bubble Blaster, and the SMB Premium Plus Bubble Bonanza 27-piece set. The products were reviewed by an LTK staff member and her five year-old daughter to get a young child's perspective on the toys. Find out if these toys perform as advertised.

SMB Bubbles

The reviewers first looked at the SMB bubble solution to see how it performed in producing bubbles. SMB bubbles are designed for children ages 3 and up. On the Toys R' Us website, the product description for SMB advertises that "With the Super Miracle Premium Plus, bubbles float higher and last longer! It is Earth's best premium bubble solution."

Prices vary by retailer and are usually under $5 for a 4-pack. There was no manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) listed on the Imperial Toy website.

SMB Premium Plus Bubbles 4 Pack
SMB Premium Plus Bubbles 4-Pack


The review copies of the bubble solution came in a set of four blue plastic containers with tall orange screw tops in a tray for convenient transport. Each container includes a wand. A young child can easily open the containers. The tops are supposed to be no-spill. However, keep the containers upright because when the containers are tipped over, the solution can still spill even when the lids are closed. The tray does help keep the containers upright when in storage. Placing the containers back in the tray after play is a good way to prevent spills.

Bubble Solution

The bubble solution is non-toxic, clear, odorless and thick. It will appeal to parents looking for bubble products that are not full of fragrances.


When the child reviewer demonstrated the bubbles, she was able to get the solution to produce bubbles almost immediately. She found that the wand needed to only be inserted in the container once to apply the solution and then she could blow bubbles. She could also produce bubbles by waving one of the larger wands around without blowing on it.

The solution still performed for bubble production after the container was shaken, something that many other bubble products can't do. The bubbles came in varying sizes and floated in the air for quite a long time, and didn't immediately burst when landing.

Bubble Bonanza 27-Piece Set

The review copies included the Bubble Bonanza 27-piece wand set (MSRP - $6.99). The set featured wands of various sizes and shapes, trays as well as bubble pipes. Wand shapes included:

  • Single loops
  • Double loops
  • Triple loops
  • Flat shapes

The child reviewer liked having many different options for producing bubbles. When she poured the solution into a tray and used one of the flat wands, she created a large number of bubbles in many sizes. She had a little trouble getting the pipe to produce more than a few bubbles at a time.

The set's packaging looks like a plastic bottle-shaped container but it is not meant to be saved. You have to cut the package open to get to the products and once cut, the edges are sharp enough to injure you. Open the package for your kids and do it carefully.

Child playing with SMB Premium Plus Laser Blaster

SMB Premium Plus Laser Bubble Blaster

The SMB Premium Plus Laser Bubble Blaster (MSRP - $9.99) is a toy that works with or without bubbles. The blaster is a blue and green gun-shaped plastic toy with a long, clear tube in the middle of the barrel and a trigger. At the end of the barrel is a compartment with a nozzle to fit a bubble solution container. It operates on 4 AAA batteries, which are usually not included. The plastic is thick and sturdy.

How the Toy Operates

You can play with the product as a toy gun without bubbles. When you push the trigger, colorful lights appear in the clear part of the barrel and the toy makes blasting noises.

To turn the blaster into a bubble toy, you attach an 8-oz bottle of bubble solution. The toy comes with a bottle of SMB bubbles. However, any 8-oz bottle of bubbles will still fit on the blaster. You push the trigger to start creating bubbles.

Child demonstrating SMB Laser Blaster toy
SMB toys make bubbles more fun.


The child reviewer enjoyed the laser blaster as both a regular toy and bubble machine. It functioned as a great pretend play toy. She liked the sounds and lights the blaster made when she pulled the trigger.

The reviewer found the trigger easy to push to activate the bubble feature. However, she had to hold the trigger down for a few moments to produce the first set of bubbles. Once the mechanism is activated, the toy will continuously shoot a large amount of bubbles, sometimes at a great distance.

The toy performs best when held upright and with a full bottle of bubbles. Tipping the blaster sometimes make it leak from the bubble container. When the 8-oz bottle gets less than half-full, the toy produces smaller amounts of bubbles.

An Affordable Option

The Super Miracle Bubbles toys are among the best quality bubble products currently available. The solutions produce long-lasting bubbles. The toys function well with the solution to maximize bubble production. The prices online and in stores are reasonable, although some generic bubbles may be cheaper. SMB toys are worth considering when you are shopping for bubble toys.

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