Wading Pool Toys

Baby sitting in wading pool.

For babies and young children, wading pools are great fun during hot weather. The small pools provide a safe place for parents to supervise little ones playing in the water. Add wading pool toys and enhance water playtime for your little ones.

Appropriate Toys for a Wading Pool

Kids will want to take their favorite toys everywhere with them, including the wading pool. This is not always a good idea because not every toy is made to go in water, and some may even get damaged if they get wet. It is also inconvenient for both parent and a child who wants a certain toy with her all the time to deal with wet toys after play. Cloth toys will have to be washed and dried before the next play session.

Many plastic toys not specifically designed for water may get moisture trapped inside them, which poses a risk for both dripping all over the house as well developing mold if not properly aired out. Bath toys, such as rubber duckies, are water safe but you may not want to take them outdoors. If you do, clean them with soap and water before using them in your child's bath. The best solution for parent and child is to have special water safe toys just for the wading pool.

Make sure the toys are age appropriate and safe for water play.

Popular Wading Pool Toys

Wading pool toys are simply smaller pool toys designed for young children. They are generally quite affordable and come in plastic, rubber, cloth or foam materials in many colorful shapes, animal themes or character themes. Some of the toys are marketed for bathtub play or pools.

Floating Toys

A large percentage of kids' pool toys will be floating options. Examples of floating toys includes:

  • Rubber animals (ducks, fish)
  • Boats
  • Wobbling animals (Prime Time Toys Floaties Water Wobblers)
  • Water squirting animal toys 
  • Stacking cups
  • Character play sets (The Fisher Price Backyardigans Pirate Tub Time Adventure play set)

Pool Games and Plastic Toys

Kids also enjoy wading pool activities toys and water-safe plastic toys, such as the following:

  • Catching fish game with net (such as Sassy Counting Friends Bath Toys)
  • Mini basketball pool game
  • Fishing game with mini fishing pole
  • Water musical instrument toys
  • Plastic bath safe and potty training dolls
  • Plastic miniature doll play sets

Action Toys

Children will enjoy animated action pool toys like these:

  • Wind-up shark toy
  • Swimming scuba diver toy
  • Leaping frog
  • Swimming dog
  • Swimming doll
  • Remote control submarine
  • Remote control boat

Inflatable Toys

Inflatable toys are classics. Options for wading pools include:

  • Toddler size beach balls
  • Miniature animals
  • Inflatable boat toy

Online Resources for Wading Pool Toys

You can find many pool toys at local stores and pool supply shops. Some dollar stores may also carry a selection of appropriate toys for wading pools.

The Internet is also a good resource. The following online retailers carry toys for wading pools:

  • Swim Outlet: The Swim Outlet has many wading pool-appropriate toys, ranging from swimming dolls to floating animals.
  • Toy Splash: Toy Splash sells a variety of toys, many of which are small enough for wading pools.
  • Amazon: Amazon has a large selection of toys for wading pools at discount prices.

Caring for Pool Toys

Caring for your kid's pool toys properly will help them last longer. Follow these tips to help toys make it through at least one season:

  • Shake out excess water and remove any trapped moisture from the toy.
  • Dry the toy after use and place on a towel to air out until completely dry.
  • Wash the toy periodically with soap and water, especially if it gets dirty.
  • Save pool toys, even bath toys used exclusively in the pool, just for pool play. This makes sure the toys don't get lost, dirty or beat up before they are needed in the pool.

With proper care, pool toys can provide years of water entertainment.

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