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If your little ones love Barbie and have been entranced by the latest Barbie musical movie release, surely Barbie and the Diamond Castle toys are on the wish list. Fortunately, there is a great selection of items to please Barbie enthusiasts of all ages in this extensive product line.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle Dolls

Barbie and The Diamond Castle DVD
The Diamond Castle DVD

First and foremost on the Barbie fan's list are the latest Barbie and the Diamond Castle toys. Barbie and Teresa, who portray best friends Liana and Alexa, are available in the exquisite costumes in which they appeared in the new computer animated production, and these figures are must haves for little ones and adult collectors.

Princess Liana, a singing Barbie, comes in a gown that transforms from plain to regal and has long blond hair topped by a glittering purple tiara. Among her accessories are a light up pendant and a hairbrush for those golden locks. Princess Alexa is dressed in a gown that transforms at the pull of a ribbon from humble to elaborate as well. She sings songs featured in the video, and she also comes with a jeweled tiara and a light up pendant, as well as a hairbrush for her luxurious mane of long brunette hair. Prince Ian and Prince Jeremy, which are Ken dolls, are available with various costumes suitable to their hero roles in the video, as well as their bejeweled guitars. Also among the collection are the muse in training dolls, resplendent in costumes featured in the movie and with accessories that include pendants and fancy combs for their hair, the Princesses' pets, bobble headed twin kitten and puppy figurines, and Glimmer the flying horse.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle Toys

Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset
Diamond Castle Playset

Among the most popular of the Barbie and the Diamond Castle toys is the Diamond Castle play set. This three-story castle is furnished in royal style, and its magical tower displays a light show and plays music featured in the video. The play set includes a Princess Liana doll and her pet puppy.

Another popular toy in this line is the Barbie and The Diamond Castle Princess Liana Styling Head. This toy comes with a selection of accessories to make Liana her most beautiful, including a tiara, pendant, hair accessories, and gems.

For the latest in Barbie toys with an educational theme, there is the Barbie and the Diamond Castle laptop. This princess themed junior computer has a variety of fun and challenging games and activities to offer those sharp little ones, inspiring both learning and imagination.

Barbie Diamond Castle Horse and Carriage
Barbie Diamond Castle Horse and Carriage

Barbie The Diamond Castle Horse and Carriage is another of the more popular toys of this collection. Shaped like a glowing gem, the carriage features music, lights, and moving wheels, and the beautiful white horse is dressed up with the finest in royal trappings and has a long, flowing mane.

For the girl who wants to be a princess for a day, there are dress up toys among the Barbie and the Diamond castle collection. The Princess Alexa dress features a purple background print with pink trimmings, along with gem and princess broach accents. The Princess Liana dress is pink with gold and purple accents, also decorated with gems and a broach.

Other items in this latest Barbie product line is a Little Golden Book version of the popular The Diamond Castle tale, sticker collections, coloring books and much more. Of course, the most popular of all of these items is the movie, an original Barbie fairy tale that is full of magic and music, perfect for any little princess to watch and enjoy.

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About Barbie and the Diamond Castle Toys