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When it comes to basketball pool toys, fun-seeking families will find plenty of options in a wide array of price points. Summertime calls for lots of relaxation and play. What better way to enjoy a backyard swimming pool than with a wet game of basketball? The pool toys you'll find involving this athletic sport range from simple and inexpensive to options that allow swimmers of all ages to slam dunk on their opponents.

Types of Basketball Pool Toys

It's time to get your pool ready for a season of parties and amusement. Children and adults can have a lot of fun playing basketball games in and around the pool. These are just some of your options when it comes to basketball pool toys:

  • See how you enjoy a pool toy like the Pro-Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game available at Target. This net sits at the edge of the pool and is weighted down with either water or sand. A space-saving design only needs a small area in which to set up. Once that's done, swimmers and players will get a great workout making their way to the side of the pool before their opponents to see who scores first.
  • The Classic Pro Water Basketball Game, also at Target, floats a net on top of the water, so players never need leave the pool. Swimmers of all ages can score, dunk and practice their jump shots all while in the water.
  • For those who want a high-quality, competition-grade backboard and a serious set-up, Pool Supply World has exactly what you need with the Swim n Dunk Dual Post Basketball. This game is perfect for the intense ball player, but if you want something less expensive, you'll find the Cool Jam Pro B-Ball. An adjustable backboard and sturdy base ensures hours of safe playtime.
  • Above-ground pool users can find a game perfect for their needs with a basketball/volleyball combo. Either game attaches securely to the pool's top rail. Toy Splash also carries other basketball games that are just for swimmers, including an ESPN Splash Jam version and a Giant Pool Basketball Game, which features a humongous basketball and inflatable vinyl rim.
  • Pool and Beach Toys carries an inexpensive water polo and basketball game for young kids, who are learning how to get comfortable in the water, as well as an Arena-Pro Pool Hoops Game, which comes with a wide backboard, sturdy base and pro-style ball.

Expect to Pay

The more elaborate basketball toys can run upwards of $100.00 so keep in mind how much use you'll get out of it before spending your money. If your pool only sees the occasional game, then you may be able to get by with a less expensive option, spending between $20.00 and $50.00. However, for busy families who often have children, friends and neighbors over for a friendly game of hoops, spending more will probably net you the quality game you need to hold up to endless summer dunking and scoring.

Nothing But Net

You don't have to be a little kid to appreciate a basketball swimming pool toy. Because the game can involve several people all at once, everyone gets a chance to play. Along with pool dive toys and other entertaining diversions, your next swim party can be full of fun and games for guests of all ages. You can take a dunk in the pool or perform a spectacular slam dunk!

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Basketball Pool Toys