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If your child is one of the millions of kids who love to play with LEGOs, investing in a LEGO play table may not be a bad idea. Many of these tables are compact enough to be out of the way when not in use, but at the same time, offer a place for your child to play with and store his or her LEGO pieces.

About LEGO Play Tables

One of the world's most popular toys, LEGOs are reusable, interlocking plastic bricks that connect to build a myriad of concoctions. LEGO also has a variety of mini-figures, gears and baseplates available to help in these creations. Play tables, which are made to be used with regular LEGO or DUPLO blocks, may have one or more of the following options available:

  • Building baseplate
  • Chairs or stools
  • Storage compartments
  • Reversible tabletops: Smooth on one side and a baseplate on the other
  • A starter set of LEGOs
  • Room for more than one child to play
  • Age appropriateness listed

LEGO play tables aren't for everyone. Because of the small size, they are best for children between the ages of three and eight. Older children may find the chairs too small to sit in, but if need be, can always sit or kneel beside the table when they play. Because LEGOs are recommended for children older than three years old, the same recommendation should be adhered to when purchasing a table.

Buying Play Tables for LEGOs

Official LEGO brand play tables are available in a few styles including:

  • Imaginarium LEGO Activity Table and Chair Set comes with two wooden chairs, a reversible tabletop and two mesh drawers for LEGO storage.
  • LEGO 3-Seat Play Table and Chair Set is an all-wooden piece with three separate play areas and storage compartments. Chairs are included.
  • This LEGO Split Top Table comes with a smooth surface and large storage area. Felt playmats are available to add enjoyment to your child's LEGO fun.

LEGO-Compatible Tables

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While LEGO Group, which is based in Billund, Denmark, makes only a few styles of play tables, there are several companies out there that make LEGO-compatible tables, which means any style of plastic brick ''should'' work with them. The upside to purchasing this type of table is not only cost, but variety. There seems to be a larger number of LEGO-compatible play tables available than there are regular ones.

However, you need to investigate as to whether the table is truly compatible. If you are purchasing the table in person, ask to see a demonstration from a store salesperson. If you are purchasing the product online, read the reviews. Most customers will leave honest feedback on the product, especially if it doesn't work.

Some of the more popular styles of LEGO-compatible tables include:

  • KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table comes with a large storage area for extra bricks. The tabletop turns over to reveal a train track. A 30-piece train and LEGO-compatible bricks are included.
  • KidKraft Activity Center with Stools is similar in design to the LEGO three-seater play table set, but has stools instead of chairs. The rest of the design is basically the same.
  • The 2-in-1 Construction Table Set, made by Tot Tutors, comes with a built-in baseplate, as well as a cover to covert the item to a regular child's table. A mesh storage bag and two chairs are included.

A Final Note

If you really aren't sure if a LEGO table is right for your child, go to a local toy store and try it out. These best-selling toys seem to do better with younger children because not only are the seats and the table itself smaller, but their LEGO projects are too. As your child grows, he or she would stand a better chance of using their LEGOs on the floor or kitchen table where there is definitely more room.

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