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Fun Beach Toys

Bucket and shovel

Beach toys can turn an ordinary day on the sand into something fun and exciting. There are tons of toys that can used on the beach and many will appeal to both kids and adults.

The Classic Beach Bucket

No trip to the beach is complete without a beach bucket and shovel. The classic sand bucket can be found in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • American Plastic Toys makes eight-inch bucket and shovel sets. The buckets are done with sturdy handles that snap apart to attach the shovel for storage. These sets come in fun colors such as a pink bucket with a bright green shovel.
  • American Plastic Toys also makes jumbo buckets that measure nine inches high and ten inches round. The jumbo buckets come in colors such as orange with yellow shovels. Most beach buckets can be found for under $5.

Sandcastle Building Tools

From shovels to rakes and even castle molds, there are lots of toys that can help create sand masterpieces.

  • The Can You Dig It Sand Sculpting Kit is designed by professional sand sculptor Sandman Matt Longare and is priced around $15. This kit makes creating sandcastles fun and simple. Most sandcastle sculpting kits contain all the tools needed to create the castle of your dreams.
  • Toysmith makes a set of three castle building tools. This set is inexpensive and priced under $6 and contains three molds to create different castle components.

Beach Balls

Beach balls come in more than just inflatable styles with primary colors.

  • Toysplash has beach balls priced under $3 with sport designs such as basketball, football and baseball as well as an American flag pattern and balls designed with fun patterns such as flowers, squares and circles.
  • features a range of beach balls from clear to solid white and ones with tropical print. Most styles are offered in a variety of sizes. For nighttime beach fun, consider a glow-in-the dark beach ball in your choice of color. Most beach balls are priced under $4.

Water Guns and Soakers

Water toys can take fun to entirely new level and add excitement to playtime in the ocean or pool. These toys are designed for the water and can hold up to hours of play. Many stores such as Toys R Us carry a selection of water guns and soakers that are ideal to use on a hot day by the water. You can consider a super-soaker such as the Nerf Soaker Flash Blast that is priced around $9 and can shoot water up to 25 feet away.

Boogie Boards

You can have hours of fun in the water with a boogie board. Sports Unlimited carries these boards in styles for kids and adults and with fun patterns such as stripes, flowers and waves. You can use a boogie boards to float in the water or to ride on a wave.


Into The Wind Beginner Kites
Into The Wind Beginner Kites

It is rare to visit the beach without seeing colorful kites soaring in the sky. Kite flying is a favorite past-time for both kids and adults. These flying toys come in a range of styles, colors and prices.

  • Into the Wind features a range of beginner kites that are easy to fly and require little work. These kites are done in bright colors and often in shapes such as planes and butterflies.
  • Fun With the Wind carries fun character kites in popular designs.

Beach Games

Games can bring a group together for a friendly-competition.

  • Wham O, one of the most popular brands of Frisbees, designs discs for play and tricks. Frisbee is a fun game to play on the beach and requires nothing more than a plastic disc that can be tucked into any beach bag.
  • Another fun beach game is paddle ball. This game is similar to tennis but is designed to be played in the sand. Kadima Beach Paddles are made of wood and come in a set of two with a ball. They are priced around $15.

Fun in the Sun

Beach toys can only enhance time spent at the beach. Having toys to play with on the sand and in the water can provide added hours of fun to an already enjoyable day. Choose age-appropriate toys for kids as well as games and other toys for the whole family to enjoy together.

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Fun Beach Toys