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Not only are Mickey Mouse toys popular with today's children, they are still popular with adults as collectibles.

History of Mickey Mouse Toys

Mickey Mouse is the star of thousands of comic strips, cartoons, books, television shows and movies. The types of Mickey Mouse toys available, past and present, are so numerous you could not list them all.

The first toy based on Mickey was released in 1930, two years after Mickey's debut in the first sound cartoon, "Steamboat Willie." This toy was a stuffed Mickey doll designed by Charlotte Clark. Charlotte was able to obtain a license from Disney to sell her homemade dolls in retail stores in Los Angeles. Collectors today would price one of the original Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse dolls anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000. Eventually Charlotte Clark turned over the pattern of the Mickey doll so they could be mass-produced.

Charlotte began creating personalized Mickey Mouse dolls for Mr. Disney. Starting in 1932, Mickey toy merchandising was given over to Kay Kamen. He began marketing Mickey and Minnie Mouse tea sets, handcars, flashlights, banks, figurines, pocket watches, puzzles, trains, pull toys, games and dolls. Since that time, Mickey toy popularity is still strong; in fact, Mickeymania is stronger than ever.

Mickey Plush Toys

One of the most popular toys ever sold has been the Mickey Mouse plush toy, starting with the original Charlotte Clark stuffed Mickey. Today the Mickey Mouse plush toy comes in all different sizes, but is most popular in the 17" size. Disney strives to provide a high-quality premium stuffed Mickey that will last forever. Check out the official Disney Store website to find a plush Mickey as well as these other characters:

  • Sorcerer Mickey
  • Steamboat Mickey Mouse
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Pluto
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
  • Daisy Duck
  • Eeyore

Mickey Mouse Games

Nearly all the popular children's games have come out with a Mickey Mouse version. Here are some examples:

Mickey Mouse Cars and Planes

Mickey Mouse was adventurous, so it is easy to imagine that a Mickey Mouse racetrack or plane would be a big hit. The Disney Racers Race set comes with Pluto and Mickey racecars and a loop-d-loop track. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plane has a working propeller that spins the numbers one through ten so you can count down the take off.

Mickey Clubhouse Toys

The name Mickey Clubhouse toys describes many different Disney toys and play sets available from Disney and Fisher-Price. The original Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play set is a set of six plastic figurines containing Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. There is a foldable backdrop that goes with it so you can pretend you are in the Mickey Clubhouse show. After this Clubhouse play set was released, many other types of sets and toys were added.

Other Notable Mickey Toys

The official Disney Store is the place to go to find the most current and up-to-date Mickey toys. Check out the Disney Store website to find the following toys as well as many more:

  • Mickey Mouse Cash Register
  • Mickey Mouse Doctor Playset
  • Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Light Chaser Toy
  • Mickey Mouse Pirates of the Caribbean Figurine Play Set
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sing With Me CD Player
  • Pirates of the Caribbean dress up set

Fisher-Price Mickey Toys

Fisher-Price produces high-quality popular Disney toys as well, many of them featuring Mickey Mouse. Here is a list of a few:

  • Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey - This fun interactive Mickey walks, talks and dances to six different songs.
  • Mickey's Magic Choo Choo - Mickey is the conductor of this choo-choo train that magically moves around the track on its own accord. The train plays a song and blows a train whistle as it moves.
  • Mickey's Motors Raceway - The electronic racetrack features over 20 Mickey phrases and sounds.
  • Mickey Mouse See n' Say - This updated version of the old See n' Say toy teaches letters and numbers.

Mickey Mouse Is Our Favorite

Mickey is probably the most beloved Disney character of all time. One of the best and most loved Mickey toys are the Mickey Mouse ears available online and at Disney theme parks. Whether you buy a classic stuffed character or the latest electronic Mickey toy, the child or collector in your life is sure to enjoy the Disney magic.

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