Newest Robot Toys

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Today's newest robot toys go far beyond looking like robots. For every interest, there is a matching robot toy. Whether your child wants to put them together, watch them go, or experiment with them, robot toys proliferate in the market to satiate the demand.

About the Newest Robot Toys

As technology progresses at a lightning-quick pace, so do the capabilities of the toys on the market. At one time, robotic toys were simply replicas of the stereotypical robot - complete with wheels on the bottom for "maneuvering." However, those robots were no more than dolls that looked like robots. Most of the newest robot toys feature behavioral patterns, unique personalities and the ability to respond to their surrounding stimuli. Gone are the days of the toys that merely look like robots; kids are now playing with actual robots.


While the thought of little robotic bugs crawling around your house might not appeal to you, robot lovers everywhere are infatuated with Hexbugs. Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures include a series of two remote control critters and four autonomously behaving robot bugs. The various Hexbugs respond to light, sound, obstacles and the Hexbug Nano behaves as a real bug would. The buggy behavior is made possible by preprogrammed actuators that respond to specific stimuli.

Zhu Zhu Pets

If you've never thought that the words "cute" and "robot" belonged in the same sentence together, you've not seen Zhu Zhu pets. Zhu Zhu Pets are robotic hamsters that can either coo and purr in "nurture mode" or explore their habitat in "adventure mode." The furry little robots have accessories and various habitats which are typically sold separately. Each Zhu Zhu Pet has a distinct personality, making it a great toy for collecting.


You already may be familiar with WowWee products from FlyTech or PaperJamz. Specializing in high-tech toys, it's easy to see why WowWee is a leader in robotic toys for children. Boasting a full range of toys, from a robot who picks up your garbage to the Tri-bot which is an interactive "buddy," WowWee has set the standard for robotic toys. Would-be aficionados can choose from over a dozen different robots.

ilove Robots

ilove Robots makes Penbo, Prime 8 and Blazor. Blazor is the ultimate search and destroy machine and also happens to be one of the fastest robots on the market with unique motion technology. Penbo is a pet penguin robot that interacts both with its humanoid and with its young. Cute and cuddly, she waddles and sings and responds to stimuli for a unique experience every time your child plays with her. Prime 8 is an ape that has several game-play modes, shoots projectiles at enemies and moves around like an ape.

LEGO Mindstorms

LEGO Mindstorms are arguably the most popular DIY robot product out there. Originally sold solely as an educational tool, LEGO Mindstorms allow for creativity in both programming and building. Imagine classic LEGO bricks, along with circuits, sensors, wheels and software. The software allows the user to program and build the robot. Robots are controlled either by the programmable brick (included in the kit), USB or Bluetooth.

Toys of the Future

As programming gets easier, and information chips get smaller, you can be sure that you will continue to see robot toys lining shelves. Where robots may once have been thought of as a boys' toy, they now run the gamut of ultra-sleek looking techno models, to cute, fuzzy and even lovable. Gone are the days of robots being for techno-geeks; robots are for everybody!

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Newest Robot Toys