Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur


Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur is a unique animatronic toy for the dino fan in your home.

About Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

Kota is a baby triceratops with life-like motions and noises that may make you think you've brought home your very own pet dinosaur.


At close to three feet tall, Kota is an impressive size for preschoolers. The toy dinosaur features a wide range of noises and motions that children can activate:

  • Pull on the front horn, and Kota will lift his head, sniff and talk to you.
  • Scratch under his chin and he purrs.
  • Tickle his stomach and sides, and Kota will wag his tail, move his head or make a happy noise.
  • Touch his tail and he'll wag it.
  • Kota comes with special leaves. When you "feed" them to him, he chomps them and makes eating noises.
  • When a child sits on Kota's back, his back legs bend and straighten while he makes stomping noises. The toy also includes four songs to accompany dino riding adventures.
  • Kota responds when you talk to him. Roar and he'll roar right back!


  • Kota requires 6 "D" batteries, which are not included.
  • The toy is safe for ages 3 and up. However, parents should use their own judgment in deciding whether their children are ready to climb and sit on Kota.
  • There is a 60-lb. weight limit.

Awards and Reviews

Kota My Triceratops received a 2008 Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Award in the Platinum category designed for recognizing the year's most innovative new toys. It was nominated in the Infant/Preschool Toy of the Year category for the 2009 Toy of the Year Awards.

With 67 reviews on, the toy has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Five-star reviews rave about the product's many features and how their children love the toy. In fact, in many customer reviews of the product, adults seem just as enthralled with the toy as kids. Some of the disappointed customers were under the impression that Kota walked. Others noted that their youngest children were scared of it, which can be the case with many toys that make noise. A few reported difficulties triggering the sensors that activate noise and motion, especially for lighter children riding on Kota's back.

Where to Buy

Kota My Triceratops was released in 2008, so it will be difficult to find in local stores and is even scarce from online retailers. For instance, includes the product in its online listings but says that it is not available, and the toy is no longer sold on Hasbro's website. offers the toy through third-party sellers. eBay typically has a few listings as well. The toy's size may make it prohibitively expensive to ship, so searching sites like Craigslist and looking in the classified ads in the newspaper are good ways to find a local seller.

Playskool Kota and Pals

If your child likes Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur, he may also enjoy Playskool's Kota and Pals. The line includes a variety of dinosaurs:

  • Hatchlings Pterodactyl
  • Hatchlings Stegosaurus
  • Hatchlings T-Rex
  • Hatchlings Triceratops
  • Stompers Ankylosaurus
  • Monty Rex
  • Stompers Triceratops

Hatchlings are baby dinosaurs, while the Stompers versions of the toys are for kids who would enjoy a cute and cuddly dino friend. Kota and Pals mimic the style and realistic dinosaur action of Kota in a smaller form. The Stompers Ankylosaurus is only 8.5 inches tall, but stomps his feet and moves his tail and head side to side when you pet his back. He also chomps his teeth when you touch his tongue. Kota and Pals toys are also listed as Dinoroars on the Hasbro website. They are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Whether you buy the original ride-on Kota or one of his smaller friends, your child can enjoy hours of fun while they're transported back to the time of the dinosaurs.

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Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur