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Pool Dive Toys

Boy with pool diving toys
Let the summer fun begin!

Pool dive toys can make a summer day even more fun. Families and friends can easily create games and challenges to improve swimmers' skills as well as keep them entertained.

Types of Pool Dive Toys

Once warm weather merchandise hits stores, you'll find a huge selection of pool-related accessories and toys. Dive toys are usually inexpensive so you don't feel like you've wasted any money if they don't last more than one season. They're often found in sets of three or more, but you can also find unique items such as toys with timers -- divers must find and deactivate the timer before it goes off, which only increases the fun and excitement.

Dive toys for the swimming pool come in varieties such as:

  • Torpedoes
  • Animals
  • Coins
  • Rings
  • Sticks
  • Balls
  • Discs
  • Streamers
  • Much more

Some toys float on top of the water, while others sink to the bottom. You'll even find toys that suspend between the two. In short, there are pool toys for every interest and game you want to play.

Games to Play

Pool dive toys are made for diving, of course. They may help a reluctant diver, teach children how to reach the bottom of a pool and challenge them to retrieve the toy as quickly as possible (this can be even more fun when you have competitors).

Try giving your little swimmers a challenge by encouraging participation in pool games like these:

  • Go Fish: This isn't the card game; it's strictly for swimmers. Look for diving toy sets that come with a net, such as the Dive Pets Fishin' Net at Once you toss the toy animals into the water, swimmers must retrieve them in the net or by hand.
  • Whoever Gets the Most Toys Wins: Divers will work on their speed in this swimming pool game, which declares whoever gathers the most toys the winner.
  • Catch: The toy will move more slowly underwater, but it's still fun to throw a ball or torpedo toy to another person and watch as they try and catch it.

Where to Buy

Walk into your local pool store and grab a few dive toys along with the accessories you need to get your swimming pool summer-ready. These online retailers carry a great variety of dive toys that children and adults can enjoy all season long.

  • Swim Ways offers swimmers everything they need to have a fun summer. Diving toys include Disney princess dive sticks that little girls will get a kick out of, as well as Sink 'N Link Worms and a Crazy Chase Dive Ball that moves randomly underwater, so retrieval is much more difficult.
  • Pool Toy carries dive sticks, diving rings, dive streamers and a fun Sunken Treasure Hunt, which challenges swimmers to collect a veritable pirate's booty of toy gems, coins and jewels.
  • The price is right at National Discount Pool Supplies. This pool retailer stocks jet streamers, round submergibles in little hand-friendly sizes, an underwater football challenge game, light-up torpedos and weighted toy eggs that each hold a baby "turtle."
  • At ToySplash, you'll find plenty of toys and game supplies to get you and your family through the summer. Dive toys include rings, balls, ducks, torpedos and a Hydro Flyer that zooms underwater.

Swimming Safety

When all the swimming games are over for the day, make sure to remove all toys from the pool. Children can try and retrieve a toy they see in the water, leading to serious accidents. Because diving toys are usually made of durable plastic, they can be stored in outdoor units or placed in a safe area around the pool. With so many options to choose from, kids and adults alike can have a great time all summer long, swimming, diving and playing endless games.

Pool Dive Toys