Princess Toys

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Princess toys are a traditional favorite among little girls. Whether they want to play with their favorite princess characters or create their own princess fairy tale, these toys will continue to be a popular gift item for birthdays, Christmas, and any special occasion in between.

Princess Character Toys

The variety of toys available with a princess theme is virtually endless. Not only can kids play with princess dolls and castles, but also with tea sets, art projects, interactive books, and more that feature their favorite princess.

Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are always popular and for good reason. They tie in to the movies and create a magical experience for any little girl who wants to be just like the characters she sees on screen and in books. Just a few toys featuring Disney princesses include:

  • Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace by Fisher Price features the popular Little People figurines as a variety of Disney princesses in a castle that plays special songs when the figures are placed on the pedestal.
  • Girls can build their own Disney princess scenes when they play with the LEGO Duplo sets. Just a couple of options include Cinderella's castle and Snow White's cottage.
  • Kids can turn themselves into a starring character of a Disney princess story using the Crayola Story Studio Disney Princess toy.

For a large selection of Disney items with the popular princesses, remember to check out the Disney Store. There, you'll find plenty of dolls, beauty cases, castles, play sets and more.

Barbie Princesses

Barbie has taken on many roles in her life, including various princesses. In addition to the Barbie dolls dressed as princesses, there are also plenty of accessories and other playthings with a Barbie princess spin. Check out these fun Barbie princess items, all available at

Barbie Princess Charm School Horse And Carriage at
Barbie Princess Charm School Horse And Carriage

Additional Princesses

Disney and Barbie are not the only princess characters little girls love. Get plenty of princess items featuring My Little Pony on Hasbro's website. A few items include the Friendship is Magic Pony Princess Wedding Castle Play set, Paper Tiaras, and Princess Celestia figure.

Toys for Transforming into Princesses

princess accessories

In addition to playing with their favorite character princesses, little girls often love becoming princesses themselves. Look for toys that help bring their dreams to life. Items like wands, dress up clothes, and makeup can help create the right look for girls who imagine themselves royalty. The following products will help them bring their personal princess to life:

More Princess Toys

For the child who loves princesses, there can never be too much of a good thing. A few more fun toys to pick up include:

Royal Play Time

Playing with princess toys is a favorite past time for many young girls. Whether she wants to become a Disney princess or create her own, there are plenty of exciting toys that are sure to spark her imagination.

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