Stuffed Black Panther Plush Toy

Black panther

Black panther plush toys are popular with children and adults alike. A black panther is not actually an individual species, but rather a melanistic variety of any number of other cat species. In the United States, it's more typically a black jaguar or cougar. Most children won't care, because the image of the "black panther" is powerful and persuasive while the plush toys are adorable.

Choosing the Perfect Panther Plush Toy

For the most part, plush toys have the cute factor going for them. They are cute and cuddly and wonderful for a child to snuggle in her arms. Plush toys can be found in a variety of locations from book stores to grocery stores to toy stores and more. The popularity of these soft toys means that finding a desired animal will be a straightforward shopping trip. Online retailers, such as Amazon, simplify the process even more. So if you are searching for a stuffed black panther plush toy, your options are not where to find it so much as which one do you want.

Webkinz Black Panther

Webkinz Black Panther

At the top of the list for black panther toy shopping is Webkinz. Webkinz is a popular brand of plush toys that include an online component. The online website invites users to enter the code that came with their toy to create a virtual version of the pet. Parents can enjoy the fact that children are never asked for personal information as they join Webkinz World. Upon purchasing the Webkinz black panther, a child has a toy to cuddle and a virtual pet to play with online.

Plush Onyx Black Panther Mini Flopsie

Another option for a fun, stuffed panther toy is the traditional flops plush. A flopsie plush toy is not firm, nor does it have the stiffer form of the Webkinz panther. It is made from light synthetic fur and lighter stuffing, giving it a floppy appearance. It can be shaped, squished and hugged without ever losing form because it doesn't have form to lose. Some floppier versions of the black panther toy include Beanie Babies types or the Build-a-Bear version.

Flopsie Panther

Point of note, the black panther is not always available in the Build-a-Bear stores, but appears as an occasional item. Children can choose the stuffing level which means they can make it as firm or as soft as they choose. The flopsie from Aurora is small, floppy and soft, perfect for little hands to cuddle and carry. The floppier plush toys are actually better for toddlers because of their ease in handling and the level of crushing they can take. Other stuffed black panther plush toys that might appeal include:

NFL Carolina Panthers Stuffed Toy Plush Mascot


The North Carolina Panthers mascot is a black panther named Sir Purr. The mascot has been a fixture of the NFL team since 1995. Sir Purr is described as nimble, friendly and totally huggable. In addition to his silly antics on game days, Sir Purr makes various appearances at hospitals, schools and summer camps. Sir Purr's popularity includes plush toys for collectors, children and adults alike to enjoy. Fans can visit Sir Purr's website for videos, notes, games and other interactive fun with the NFL mascot.

Give the Perfect Plush

Whether picking out a toy for a son, a daughter, a nephew or a child's birthday party, plush toys remain popular no matter what other toys are trending. Black panthers offer boys a fierce companion while girls appreciate snuggling with the dark kitty. Picking out the right panther is a matter of deciding what appeals to the child. From the toddler to the college student to an adult, a black panther plush toy is huggable love that keeps on giving.


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Stuffed Black Panther Plush Toy