Toy Dolls

toy dolls

Toy dolls are practically a staple in every little girl's, and many boy's, toy boxes. Dolls are a classic toy that, even when updated, will always be appealing to children of all ages.

Classic Dolls

A baby doll is perhaps one of the most classic dolls. The baby doll is a fun, nurturing toy for children of all ages. Many parents also use baby dolls to introduce a child to the concept of a new sibling. Two good choices include:

Classic dolls don't have to be babies. Older kids will enjoy playing with these two classic dolls:

  • Raggedy Ann and Andy: These classic dolls are a great choice for parents to give their children or as a gift from grandparents to grandchildren.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids: While they are no longer the hottest toy on the market, Cabbage Patch Kids continue to be popular dolls for both boys and girls. Look for one that reflects your child's looks or who shares the same name.

Dress Up Dolls

Dress up dolls let children enjoy mixing and matching various outfits to create a new look for their special friend.

Melissa & Doug magnetic dress up doll
Melissa & Doug magnetic doll
  • Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress Up Dolls: Melissa & Doug makes a line of wooden dress up dolls that are based on traditional paper dolls. Girls can dress up their favorite characters by attaching magnetic wooden outfits. The dolls are packaged in a wooden storage tray that keeps everything neatly organized when the child is done playing.
  • Favorite Storybook Characters Paper Dolls: These classic paper dolls are a wonderful way to encourage a young child to develop a love of reading. The set features iconic children's book characters such as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.
  • One Step Ahead Dress Up Doll: This doll teaches toddlers important self dressing skills by providing several buttons, zippers, and fasteners on the doll's outfit. Both boy and girl dolls are available.

Interactive Dolls

Baby Alive My Baby All Gone Doll
Baby Alive My Baby All Gone Doll

Interactive dolls add an element of excitement to playtime. Children can feed and change the dolls or even help the dolls learn to "walk." Consider these two lines of interactive dolls:

  • Baby Alive by Hasbro: Baby Alive also has a number of different versions that interact with your child. Most of them eat and need diaper changes, along with saying a number of different phrases. There is even a version that has teething pains!
  • Little Mommy by Mattel: The Little Mommy line has several different dolls to choose amongst, each with their own special actions. The Hide & Peek doll plays the game of the same name and says cute phrases. The Walk & Giggle doll goes from sitting to walking. Play All Day dolls respond to movement with different phrases.

Fashion Dolls

Fashion dolls are the staple of many older girl's play things. While some parents may not like the message these dolls send, they continue to be popular with girls. Three well-known lines include:

  • Barbie: This beloved beauty continues to reach for the stars, as she takes on numerous careers, movie/storybook characters and other roles.
  • Bratz: The Bratz dolls have exaggerated features and are a trendy alternative to the traditional Barbie dolls.
  • Monster High: These dolls are modeled as being relatives of famous monsters in fiction, such as vampires, werewolves and more. They are perfect for a girl who wants a doll that's not "too" girly.

More Popular Dolls

There are almost as many lines and types of dolls as there are girls in the world. Try one of these lines of dolls for your daughter, niece or friend:

  • Disney Princess: These dolls are modeled after the famous princesses in the Disney movies, like Ariel and Belle.
  • Madame Alexander: The collectible company also offers lines of play and baby dolls for girls who are fans of the more precious versions.
  • American Girl Dolls: Most of these dolls are based on historical characters whose stories are depicted in books. However, the line has expanded to cover babies, twins and the My American Girl line, which are dolls that are partially created by the buyer.

Dolls Are Forever Friends

A toy doll is a special gift for any little girl or boy. They will not only be treasured toys, but treasured friends, in a child's life.

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