Where to Buy Range Rover Toys and Models

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Range Rovers, a Land Rovers model manufactured in Britain shortly after WWII, are now produced by India's Tata Motors. What this means to toy collectors or casual buyers is a wide selection of models in options ranging from die-cast collectibles to ride-on toys for kids.

Die-Cast Range Rovers

The look of the Range Rover lends itself to the die-cast category, so buying options are extensive. Manufacturers have created everything from military-style vehicles to the present-day crossover Evoque.

Die Cast Welly 2012 Range Rover Evoque
Die Cast Welly 2012 Range Rover
  • Die-Cast Models Wholesale: This site has a nice selection of newer Range Rover toys like the Evoque or Sports model, but it also has a handful of the older models going back to the 1940s. The online company has been in business since 2005 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Prices range from $15 to $150 plus shipping costs, which start at around $10. They do not accept returns unless the item is damaged during shipping in which case it will be replaced at no extra cost.
  • Amazon: Amazon carries a wide range of Range Rover toys including a nice selection of die-cast vehicles. Prices vary from about $5 for Hot Wheel versions to $75 or more for collectible die-casts, like the 1/18 scale Range Rover Evoque. Since the site handles new merchandise, it is one of the best places to find the latest versions of Range Rovers in not only die-casts, but also other types of toys. Amazon's policies and shipping rates apply for all sales, but the return policy and shipping costs can vary slightly if sold by a third-party vendor.

Plastic Models

If you search through the shelves of your local department store, you might find plastic, build-it-yourself models of Range Rovers. If not, two online options are:

  • Model Cars: This British company sells plastic and die-cast models including older and military models. Many of the kits are labeled Land Rovers. One of the nicest features of this site is that sales are handled through Amazon, giving the buyer more protection should an issue occur, since the policies of Amazon are applicable to any sale. The affiliation also helps to ensure reasonable shipping rates for customers in the U.S.
  • eBay: The popular online auction site is often the best place to find obscure or out-of-print plastic kits. Be advised though that search results often include any Range Rover toy and not just the plastic model kits. With any online auction site, buyers need to make sure they are clear on what they are purchasing before they commit to the item. Since the items are sold by different sellers, alway double check the seller's rating, shipping costs and method, and return policy.

Remote Control

Remote control toy vehicles continue to be a popular hobby in the United States, so plenty of regional hobby enthusiast stores are scattered throughout the country. Because these stores specialize in RC vehicles, they are often the best place to begin looking for a specific model like a Range Rover. In addition to local stores, online options also exist.

Range Rover Sport 1:12 RTR RC Car
Range Rover Sport 1:12 RTR RC Car
  • Trend Times: This site offers several models of RC Rovers, from a pink electric model that retails for about $60 to a shiny black remote control truck that small kids can actually ride on, which sells for about $500. They ship nearly anywhere in the world, with shipping costs based on weight and method. If items are damaged during shipping they must be returned within 24 hours, otherwise you can check their extensive return policy for details on other situations.
  • HobbyTron: Because of its focus on the hobby of remote control vehicles, HobbyTron features high-quality vehicles with model sizes as large as a 1/12 scale. The company has a 90-day warranty, a reward program for frequent shoppers, a price match guarantee, and free shipping for orders over $149. The site also has a nice learning section that's perfect for those just starting out with RC vehicles. Prices start at around $10 and go up to just over $60.

Ride-On Range Rovers

Something about driving their own battery-powered vehicle really excites children, which is probably why parents are willing to pay for this relatively high-priced toy. These vehicles are usually powered by either a 12-volt or 6-volt system and come with a battery-charging device. Department stores often sell ride-on vehicles during the holiday-shopping season, but you can sometimes find Range Rover models online throughout the year.

12 Volt Ride-On Range Rover
12 Volt Ride-On Range Rover
  • Toys R Us: Toys R Us offers the 6V version for around $200 while 12V models sell for just under $400. Both models seat two children and have working doors. The larger model can travel up to 4.5mph, while the smaller one clocks in at 2.5mph. Items can be purchased online and picked up at the store usually on the same day, or shipped to your home for $100. The store offers a two-year extended warranty on the vehicle for around $50.
  • Walmart: Walmart sells the standard 12V version in either grey or white for around $400, as well as the Vroom Rider Rastar model in white only, which retails for just over $350. Walmart offers a free ship to store option or you can ship it to your home for $50. The store offers a couple of Care plans -- which are basically extended warranties -- although they also cover some damages caused by 'normal' wear and tear. The plans start at $40 for the three-year option.

Just For Collectors

Technically not a selling site, Allison is a great resource especially for collectors, because it lists toy companies that manufacture die-cast or plastic Range Rovers. When you click on a company's name a new page opens describing the Range Rover model or models sold by the company. The description often includes the manufacturing date.

Another often-overlooked source for Range Rover toys is the manufacturing company itself or a Range Rover parts company. The RoverParts website usually carries about 15-20 toy vehicles and, for the true Range Rover enthusiast, it also has a gift section. Although RoverParts is a British site, it has two shipping locations in the U.S., making it accessible and affordable for state-side customers.

Fresh Design

Over the 60-year history of the Range Rover, the vehicle has sported a wide variety of looks. These changes have kept the vehicles, and their toy versions, fresh and engaging, which means just like with the real deal, there is always a new one to buy.

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Where to Buy Range Rover Toys and Models